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Java Professional with more than 11 years of experience worked on Java SE, Java EE based projects.
Houston Texas
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Recent posts by sriram sankar

Luke Murphy wrote:

sugar ked wrote:Read this

That's cool. But it only discusses GOF patterns. I am particularly interested in J2EE patterns in JSF? Any ideas?

ViewHelper ==> ManagedBean

JSF + SEAM is a good combo. I feel like the learning curve is not that bad. Also Java EE6 embraces lot of features from SEAM including CDI.
11 years ago

srinivas chary wrote:I am using Droid. This is my first ever smart phone. Impressive phone. Now and then I get ideas on apps. If you already know Java, you don't have to learn a separate language to play on Android.

Thanks for your responses. I love to have apple, but my love for Java override it!!
11 years ago
Which one is the best? I feel that from learning point of view , android is most prefererred for a java programmer
11 years ago

amolpalekar kadolkar wrote:I am preparing myself for interview and i can't devote time in reading HFDP.So need the reply urgently and know whether my anaology is correct?.
Please help me urgently

Abstract Factory is used for creating family of objects/ or in other words create's factories which inturn create objects.

For Eg: You have Base Abstract class called CarFactory

FordFactory extends CarFactory
GMFactory extends CarFactory
BenzFactory extends CarFactory

Specialized factories are created using this pattern.

Factory method is used in Abstract Factory to create Factories.

Sandeep Awasthi wrote:

I want to discuss this topic in general.

How will you divide 100 between following factors which derive: job satisfaction/motivation/retention/next step in career(change).
Salary,Company Culture,Your Role,Technologies, Chance of Growth, Brand Name of Company.

I am thinking on following.

Salary - 50%
Culture - 25%
Role - 15%
Technologies,Growth,Brand Name combine - 10%

p.s. I am not seeking opinions from HR consultants.

Culture-10% ( We cannot control it)
Growth, technologies, brand -15%
11 years ago

abhinav yadav wrote:woudn't the finalize method help to know that how many objects available for GC. As this method gets executed when the object's work is finished and is ready to be terminated.Isn't it??

I guess the question was there any software to monitor objects in Heap, I may be wrong....

Teja Saab wrote:

sriram sankar wrote:If we get all the answers in the forum ( Not saying it is bad). Does it really measure individual expertise?

Many people undertake the SCEA certification in order to keep their skills updated or to sharpen their current skills. Just like you cannot learn to drive a car by reading all the car manuals on the internet, you cannot become an architect by just reading about it.

At least in my company, the architect role is only about 50 percent technical in nature. The remaining 50 percent involves a variety of activities that involve an intimate understanding of the business since architecture always has a business context to it. Also an architect needs to be able to conduct a conversation using the business language and not just technical speak. Unless executives see the business value of anything that is proposed by the architect, chances are they would consider any meeting with the architect a waste of time.

My point is that there is more to being an architect than one could ever get from reading material from a forum or even the entire internet. Also remember that when you are making a presentation in front of your company's executives, you cannot go back to read material from a forum to answer a question that might be posed.

SCEA being an assignment based exam will force the candidate to go through the process of creating a series of architectural artifacts. In the process of creating these architectural artifacts, you will learn a lot of new things that you probably would not have learnt on your own since they may not be required for your day job.

In the end, remember that it is the journey to being a certified architect that matters rather than the destination.

Just my thoughts....

Yes i do agree, just because they go through certifications it doesn't mean they are good architects. I see so many developers calling themselves Solution Architect/Infrastructure Architect, SOA Architect... ( list goes on). The term Architect is very fluid!!!
If we get all the answers in the forum ( Not saying it is bad). Does it really measure individual expertise?
Checking number of digits is much easier, instead of worrrying about the format...
11 years ago
JSF rocks...
11 years ago
I mean hibernate or any ORM solution...
If an application has

First Name
Last Name

And in future if someone wants to have zip code. I think use hibernate alter table functionality to add columns will be efficient way of doing it.

Does anyone managed these kinds of functionality in your products without an ORM solution?
Netbeans has very good support for testing webservices. You can create a webservice client for your application and provide WSDL URL .

Hope this helps.
11 years ago