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Archana Honnavalli

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Recent posts by Archana Honnavalli

Can someone please tell me the procedure to deploy ear in websphere using jenkins?

I am getting issues when connecting to my local websphere.
"Host cannot be reached"

I have server up and running and also i am able to log in to console.

Same issue "Host cannot be reached" with server, although server is running and console is able to logged in.
1 year ago
I want to deploy an ear in LOCAL Websphere Application Server v 8.5.x.x using Jenkins.

I have installed the below 2 plugins
Jenkins WAS Builder Plugin
Jenkins Publish Over SSH Plugin

In Jenkins configuration, I have added WAS Installation.
When entering the server details
Host: I am getting "The host can't be reached" message.

The host that I am giving is responding successfully in command prompt when used as a parameter with wsadmin.bat file.
"Connected to process serverNamexxx" message in command prompt.

Please help me understand
How to configure host in Jenkins
How to deploy ear in Jenkins for a WAS server

1 year ago
Hi Anyone who has faced Apache James installation problem, Please respond.

I need this installation to be done.

Should i check any firewall settings? is also down and not letting me download apache-james-3.0-beta4-app again.
5 years ago
Learn different string class methods.
They are very useful

Answer to your question try charAt(index) method.
Hi Rajitha,
Can you try using indexOf method and skip the comparison process there?

if (logfile1.indexOf("rate") && logfile2.indexOf("rate") )

Or you can also use logfile1.length method if applicable.
I am googling the error. But I do not have a specific solution yet.
5 years ago
Hi Rajitha,
I have done a similar tool.
I will tell you steps and class imported so that you can apply your logic if the require is same

I have used BufferedReader to import a file in my Comparator class

1) Go to location of logfile1
2) Read the files in the constructor of the Comparator class
3) Read the logfile1
4) Write a compare method in the Comparator class which will take Comparator as an argument.
5) From logfile1 call the method by passing logfile2 as argument.
6) Take both files into a String array object.
7) Compare both files lengths if applicable.
8) Loop both arrays internally and compare for equality of both strings

I do not know if i answered your question well.........But i am trying to base my implemetation for your question.

If you want a design view, then think of classes and methods required keeping the above steps in mind.
I am trying to install apache james server.
I click on run.bat present in //apache-james-3.0-beta4-app/bin folder

I am getting following error

INFO 13:35:59,712 | james.mailspooler | Stop org.apache.james.mailetcontainer.impl.JamesMailSpooler: dequeuer-2
INFO 13:35:59,712 | james.mailspooler | Stop org.apache.james.mailetcontainer.impl.JamesMailSpooler: dequeuer-1
Exception in thread "main" org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'smtpserver': Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to register mbean
at org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.InitDestroyAnnotationBeanPostProcessor.postProcessBeforeInitialization(

Can someone help me to proceed with my installation?
5 years ago
I too used Netbeans to create my screens.
Later lost my .form file as we forgot to check in these files in repository.

Now we just need to used the form as is without any GUI change.

If we need GUI change then recreate the form and merge the code that has logic for every event.
Tough job

Need to check working with Layout Manager as Martin Vajsar said for further updates.
6 years ago

No, it doesn't "convert" it. It just provides an Iterator over the Map's entries.

Right. My bad.
It provides an Iterator over Map's entries and we can extract value from Iterator by providing the key.
6 years ago
Can someone explain me.
Why using Map.get(key) is inefficient?
This will return the corresponding value of the HashMap.

Why is using entrySet efficient?
I understand Map.entrySet converts HashMap to an Iterator.
Then by giving the key we can fetch value from Iterator.

6 years ago
Yes Apache POI works great for both xls and xlsx files.
I am using this jar to extract each cell value.

However cells with custom defined styles other than "General" will pose some challenges while extracting values. So be a lil careful.
6 years ago
Thank you Raghavan and Budi.
I will surely dedicate half of my time in the evening for reading from this book and will try examples in the other half during the day.
6 years ago
Hi Budi Kurniawan,

Thanks for gifting us your insight on Java with this book.

I have basic knowledge of JSP and Servlets.
More often i will be working in technologies dependent on it like JSF, Struts and I will miss out on learning Struts in Detail.

Also JSP i fell I need to experiment more with more JSP objects.

Should i learn JSP and Servlets with examples now or Should i read book to get concepts in detail?
(Given the little time I get in a day for self learning)

Thanks & Regards
6 years ago
One more doubt after parsing line 4

console prints lot of information like addpayload2 1, packet len, ssh info.

This i dont see when i login from telnet window
That is cmd prompt
Give command- telnet IP
Telnet window opens and prompts for uid and pwd.
After this no such information is shown.

What is this?

P.S: New to unix