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Misha Ver

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Recent posts by Misha Ver

This may help. Do you already have an issue or jsut trying to avoid it in the future?
6 years ago

Nicholas Jackson wrote: I wanted to apply Basic authentication for this app and I successfully did so

It looks like not very successfully How did you do it exactly?

8 years ago
It should work. Perhaps you could post complete web.xml and tomcat-users.xml files.
8 years ago

Amar Jee wrote:
On submitting the user/pwd as role1/password, it is not accepted and the popup keeps reappearing.


Should you submit username/password as role1/tomcat?
8 years ago
JProfiler is a commercially licensed tool, so you have to check with the vendor
8 years ago
Try in context.xml:

8 years ago

Danny Luk wrote:I restarted both and ran http://ipaddress:8088/shop to make sure the app is running. But still returns the Apache HTTP Server Test Page.

In this case you have to solve one problem at a time. This part should not work at all.

Are you sure that you are seeing correct Apache HTTP Server Test Page. I mean it is Apache on
8 years ago

Danny Luk wrote:I added the context line like you said and it's the same when I restarted Apache.

You have to restart Tomcat
8 years ago

Tirthesh Ganatra wrote:I m using Tomcat 5.5 and while printing the list on JSP page it gives error...and the remote server sends the redirect to their own default error page...i don know what to do...please help...
thanks in advance!

The more information you provide, the easier it is for people to answer your questions, look at Tell The Details
8 years ago
It should work. May be you have the permissions issues with "logs" directory. What does regular log say?
8 years ago
Where exactly did you do the change in server.xml ?

Why do you have an asterisk in

8 years ago
Looks like you need to set 'shop' as default app. You need to have something like this in server.xml within <Host>

<Context docBase="/usr/lib/apache-tomcat-5.5.23/webapps/shop" path="">
8 years ago

Tom Nishan wrote:Hello I got this error when I run my JSP file

How do you run it?
8 years ago