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Recent posts by Madalina Mutihac

A good video explaining this:
Starts at minute 35. It offers an explanation and solution to go around the problem.
Hey! I'm getting R Cannot load XSL files from C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\plugins\ as well.

The project IS added to an EAR which runs on Websphere 7. I'm using RAD 7.5.5.

Any explanations why this error occur? The webapp is being deployed though and it runs.

Thanks, any ideas are appreciated!
8 years ago

Did you find an explanation/solution for that exception? I have it as well and it doesn't go away after a server restart anymore.

"Servlet has become temporarily unavailable for service " is caused here by an image. I have a few images on the same jsp page, but only this one causes the exception. If I remove it, I don't get the error anymore. The image is small (5kb).

I'm using Websphere 7 Express Edition and RAD 7.5.5.

Any ideas anyone?
8 years ago
Hey Charles Lyons!

I wanted to ask you, what does your book bring new for us trying to take the certification?

Thank you!
I would like to ask for an example of application for which this book would be useful.
9 years ago
I've a problem, tried running the example in this article and after setting everything up ok, I get the following error:

WSDoAllReceiver: Incoming message does not contain required Security header
in I am pretty new to web services and Axis2 especially, I would really need some help with this.
10 years ago
Hey, I had the same problem when trying to put rampart to work with Tomcat. The solution that worked for me was to copy the jars in the rampart lib directory to the ...\apache-tomcat-6.0.16\webapps\axis2\WEB-INF\lib\ folder as well and restart Tomcat.
10 years ago