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Recent posts by shashank shah

isn't a valid NMTOKEN ?
I get SAXParserException saying it is not.
But I was thinking that it should be valid as

Most of my interviewers did not even know about SCJP, SCJD etc.
Does that answer ur question?

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20 years ago

Originally posted by Patrick Wang:

My answer is:
1) Gather user��s requirement 2) Explore, analysis and design system architecture, select tools. 3) Software Architecture Design. 4) Finish coding 5) Unit Testing and performance tuning 6) Support customer.

Also adding to Buzz's comments about XP. Now a days I have seen quite a few people writing unit tests before coding. I am trying to get used to that.
Of course, most probably it was a trick question testing ur listening ability rather than testing ur SW Engg knowledge. They have so many to reject ... and if u clear all such trick questions there are always thoes quizes/puzzles ...
20 years ago

Originally posted by Mark Herschberg:
Any employer with a clue will want the developer to know Java. Frankly, J2ME isn't really much different from J2SE or J2EE. The Midlet lifecycle isn't that complex, and most APIs behave in expected ways. The only trick, as I noted above, is that you have very limited resources, and need to know how to get good Java performance.
Employers without clues will want 5 years of J2ME experience.


well said mark.
Unfortunatly, from my recent job search experience- most of the employers fall in second catagory :-(
20 years ago
more hint
watch ur semicolone
20 years ago
He seems to be talking about operator ascosiativity.
left right ascosiative etc.
But even i do not get his question yet.
20 years ago

Originally posted by Neha Sharma:
Just a question, Saran, for My own Info. Why would anyone use Applets and Swings etc, when you have the power of JSPs

Did you buy Krishna Anand's opinion?
OK Let me help u understand with an example.
Do you use jsp "powered" web based IDE for writing your java code?
Because ALL the good java IDEs are use swing for UI.
Come out of internet and think. Java is everywhere. Its not just jsps, servlets and ejbs. sizable amount is something else and its growing every day.
20 years ago

Originally posted by Daniel Dunleavy:
Gulf of Tonkin Incident July 31 1964

What was that? some url please.
20 years ago

Originally posted by M Arshad:
Sorry Buzz if I hurt your sentiments.But that is specifically meant for those who try to expoil the discussion.

Sorry, Arshad if I hurt your sentiments.Did I just "expoil" the discussion?
btw, I can see u already got so many people participating in the project.
20 years ago
Hi Guys,
I have one bean with request scope. Other with session scope.
Whats the best way to access session scope bean from request scope bean?
I know I can do this by passing arguments to bean. But I would like to know if there is other way w/o having to do this.
Getting hold of request is also enough. As it gives me session using getSession().
20 years ago

Originally posted by Neha Sharma:
How about if I want to put a .gif image on the button.

I think that is possible with beans or activex. not sure of exact details though. Worth looking at Object and EMBD tags.
20 years ago

Originally posted by Miftah Khan:

I want the request.parameter value different from what the Button dispalys.

I don't believe this is possible. I checked the HTML 4.01 specification.

That Sucks
I guess there is a W3C group working to change that.
20 years ago

Originally posted by Yongping Wang:
100% java code can do such task but it is sort of time-consuming.

Use JNI. Or program in C++ if u think copy is time consuming. System.exec should always be avoided when options are available.
20 years ago
Besides clone() and Cloneable are already messed-up. Needing u to call super.clone() to create explicite chaining and Clonable dictating how Object's clone() method will work and creating objects w/o calling constructors etc.
20 years ago
This is the list of what i can think of right away.
-Describe servlet life cycle.
-What is session?
+If u answered above correctly: How to track session?
+If u tell only one way of doing that: Whats the other way?
+Adv/dis-adv of one over other etc.
-What would u do if u want to do something only for the first invocation of the servlet/jsp.
-When is destroy called ?
-Whats the diff betn redirect and forward ?
-What does jsp gets compiled into ?
-What are diff scopes in jsp tags and what each means.
If u r not luckey enough u ll get abstract questions like "define servlet". This is indication that interviewer is non-technical/semi-technical manager who can not ask one of the above mentioned questions. Dont know about u but i m not good at answering such questions.
Another example can be: "What is OOP?". There are 100 ways to answer this questions as its a concept.
All the best
20 years ago