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Recent posts by Tejas Jain

So I guess that anything (including AJAX, JavaScripts, custom tags...) developed for HTML4 should work in the browsers that support HTML5, as HTML4 is a subset of HTML5.
Is this a correct statement?
7 years ago
For example, Struts has its own html tags, which are used in HTML4 to work with struts framework (ActionServlet...) at the backend. Struts validation framework uses JavaScript for client side validation.
7 years ago
They tag libraries of those frameworks are for HTML4. Do they work with HTML5?
7 years ago
I'm new to both HTML5 as well as AJAX.
7 years ago
I'm new to iOS?
7 years ago

Rogerio Kioshi wrote:I'd like to know if you'd recommend some open source Java project for BPM and Workflow.

7 years ago
I have two tables: employee and department. The employee table has a foreign key dep_id pointing to the primary key, dep_id, of the department table.

Outer Left Join: SELECT, FROM department d, employee e WHERE d.dep_id = e.dep_id (+);

Do I get a Outer Right Join by just switching the sides on equal sign (=) like following?
SELECT, FROM department d, employee e WHERE e.dep_id (+) = d.dep_id;

They are both valid SQL statements. I guess the result set should be the same. Correct?

I used Java1.1 ServerSocket 13 yrs ago with a C socket, but it did not work. Then I used ServerSocket with Java Socket, it worked fine. I remember I saw a document that stated
ServerSocket only works with Java Socket. I'm trying to find it. Henry, do you have a reference book on how ServerSocket works with any TCP sockets?
8 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:... Each mobile device is going to have its own implementation of HTML 5, if it has one at all...

So function X in HTML 5 spec may be implemented by mobile device A, but may not by mobile device B?
Mobile devices only support a Flash Player lite, which does not support full version of Flex or Flash.
I was wondering if it is the same case for HTML5 engine in mobile devices.
How good is the current HTML5 mobile version? I do not think HTML4 has a mobile version