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Recent posts by Saikat Mukherjee

Wish there was an easy way to cook up a Hackintosh.

I tried it several times but could not succeed :'(

Too much a price to pay (in India, these are really very expensive).

But still a Mac(s) are awesome. I will get one.. someday
9 years ago
Thanks for the quick reply.
Really appreciate it
9 years ago

Just a general question .

Suppose that I have a method called add().

There is no synchronization mechanism implemented.

Now if I have say a thousand live threads that call this method, is there a possibility that I could get a result of say add(2,2) = 5(or anything else other than 4).

I have not been able to replicate this anyhow. But I think that this is absolutely possible.
9 years ago
This can be achieved using a stored procedure if i am not wrong
You can simply append the filter criteria with the variable.
Even with ajax , the entire thing boils down to HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse.
There is no obvious way to do what you are asking for; afterall both the request and response objects will be handled by the container only.
9 years ago
'?%' <== this is the problem area.

Most probably you are doing something like preparedStarement.setString(1,...).

Remove the single quotes from the query and pass the filter directly as the parameter value.

It is always recommended to perform the data intensive operations using the native database mechanisms.

Things like searching and sorting etc should be performed at the database end so as to lower the foorprint of the object heap of the JVM.

But for linear iterations, any implementation of the List interface is recommended.

However for readonly iterations, you can have a look at the apache FastArrayList class.

See the link here
9 years ago
Subversion is recommended.
It provides a lot of flexibility and definitely free...
9 years ago
CAS is a very popular SSO project.

It is easily configularable and maintainable.

See This Link
9 years ago
Hi All,

I am planning to take up the Oracle Certified Master or Expert certification (formerly SCEA).

But I am not sure whether if it is mandatory to purchase the Oracle Certified Master Approved Courses from Oracle.

The course itself seems to be very expensive and the website says:

Candidates must complete one of the instructor-led in-class, online , or recorded courses below (includes Live Web Classes – LWC,Live Virtual classes – LVC and Training On-Demand course) to obtain this certification.

See the link here

Please suggest opinions.