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Recent posts by Alex Grakoff

Hi everyone!

Is there a way to replace a common screen, which opens each time user loads a java Applet?

I mean that screen with Java logo and progress bar.

Is that possible?

Thanks in advance!
11 years ago
Hello Saloon guys!

I have the applet that loads 4 times on init ( used proxy to find it out )

Maybe there is smth about requesting resources ( images )

but proxy doesn't show that.

the example can be seen here:

Question Апплет грузиться 4 раза при 1-й загрузке
Не могу найти причину вот уже неделю :-(

есть подозрение, что при запросе рерурса (картинки - что-то не так.

ибо апплет загружается полностью 4 раза ( смотрел через прокси )

пример можно посмотреть тут:


Game: Roulette.
12 years ago
I haven't clearified the problem.

I have an html page with applet embedded.

and in IE an html css menu popup well. but in Firefox - there should be done smth. Probably with z-index order.
12 years ago
Hello there!

is there anybody knows hot to put a javascript/css menu over Applet?

the one I have now is show under applet.

thanks for your replies!
12 years ago
besides, if the file had beed corrupted, I think it wouldn't loaded.

but it loads correctly on my PC.

btw: I test everything on my local PC. i.e. Webserver is on my PC.

and the file is located at the same place.

I just put .html at


and the URL to open via server:
12 years ago
Hi Dear Ulf!

the jar if OK.

it is not corrupted, and in fact I can start it locally (without webserver)

Locally: i.e. there is an .html file and .jar in the same dir.


So, when I open HTML - Applet is loaded correctly.

When I try to open it via webserver, I got:

Incompatible magic value 1008813135

where can I have a look to solve that problem?

Thank you in advance!
12 years ago
You are right, but now I got another message:

somewhere I read that "Incompatible magic value" can happen because of the JRE.

I'm using jre1.6 and the code was compiled using 1.4 - so probably I should compile it with jre1.6 ?

Thank you for the previous reply!
12 years ago
I have a java applet (a Roulette)

And a php server-side.

So, I want to start applet and it fails:

The code to start applet:

The applet is inited locally:
start.html ( contains the code as above )

If I want to launch it on my local server:

the code is:

/Roulette.jar - as the .jar is located at DocRoot

So, when I open the sites's page, I have:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Roulette (wrong name: Roulette/Roulette)

That's about IE6, FF2

In Opera Applet is actually loaded! - but without sound.

Can anyone tell me the reason for such behaviour?

Thanks for answers in advance.
12 years ago