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Susan Gapper

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Recent posts by Susan Gapper

Billy Tsai wrote:do you consider permanent position?

Are you offering?
I think it's quite difficult to get a really good permanent position straight away so I'm being realistic in asking about contracting roles. Plus the extra money and the flexibility will help in settling myself and my husband to start with.
12 years ago

arulk pillai wrote:Check this -->

All depends on the cost of the insurance. Many companies demand indemnity & liability insurance.

Yes, and I've always had insurance through PCG in the UK. I wonder if anyone knows the Oz equivalent?
It seems that the umbrella/Ltd company argument is the same in Australia as the UK so I'll have to do a lot of research.
12 years ago
That's great, thanks very much - I'll have a look at those sites and maybe speak to an accountant.

We certainly found that having our own company was worth more to us than an umbrella in the UK.
Is there an aussie equivalent of Companies House?
12 years ago
Hello everyone,

I have searched the forum for Australian advice but it all seems over a year out of date, I hope that you can help me out with some recent info?

I am moving to Sydney in March from the UK and will be looking for java web application development roles (middle tier Oracle (BEA) WebLogic is my specific area of experience).

I worked for 4 years in government contracts in total (2 years in small company with lots of design and architecture responsibilities, 1 year in a multinational and 1 year as an independent contractor both with analysis and development responsibilities). I have an MSc in Computer Science (2003) and SCJP (2005)/SCWCD(2007) both 1.4.

I have travelled for a year with my husband and now we want to settle in Australia (we have permanent residency via Skills Assessment).

I would like to contract again in Australia but cannot seem to find Australian-specific advise about starting up a company (I had a Ltd company in the UK) or salary expectations for contractors.

Chatting to a former colleague yesterday, the going rate in the UK is now about £450 a day at her place (AUD$790).

I'd be really interested in your thoughts and experiences... tackling the year gap with certificate upgrades and such is the next job!

Many thanks,

12 years ago

I'd like to update my skills as I am certified in 1.4 and am now working in a Java 5 environment. The Sun eduction site recommends sitting the new Java 6 exam, but I have no idea how to go about revising for the upgrade exam. Do I get a Java 5 book and look up the extra Java 6 bits, or just start with Java 6? Are there a lot of differences between the versions? In the upgrade exam will I only be tested on these differences, or everything? Basically, do I need to read about what a for loop is for the millionth time?

I've used the targeted books (Head First) for my SCJP and SCWCD exams and am not looking forward to doing it on my own if that's the only option for me.

I can't afford the recommended Java 5 (not even 6) course the training guys told me to do at �1500 so a book or online would be my method.