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Recent posts by Prayag Rawat

Hi everybody
I am developing an application by using midlet in j2me.I usese the SynClast
api for the application.The problem is how the background color of the title
bar will be change of the Canvas title.Also how custom colors are built in SynClast api.

thanks & Regards
Prayag Rawat
9 years ago
Friends ,I have decided to give scjp1.5 exam in april 1's week and there
is a new exam scjp1.6 also abiable and I thinking to give that exam instead older, but the problem is that I could not found any prepration
book for 1.6 and my pre for 1.5 is full.As there are miner changes in
objective like Console,NavigationSet,Map and in gc.Should I go for 1.6 with 1.5 prepreation please suggest.If any have new study material for 1.6 plese letme know.

Thanks @ Regards
Prayag Singh Rawat
[ March 26, 2008: Message edited by: Ulf Dittmer ]
10 years ago
Congress yar .I also want to give this paper in april first week.
From which portion found most of question.I have read K&s book.Is there

[request for illegal stuff deleted]

Prayag Rawat
10 years ago
Firends I am preparing for scjp 1.5 but I saw a new release 1.6
my question is :Is scjp1.6 is launches in India means can I give
the exam of scjp1.6 from India, is boucher is abiable?
I am pursuing MCA Six sem and want a carrier in java technology
please tell me why sun certification is required as i already an
MCA guy and red java a lot.Tell me how I secure my future in Java
And as we know that ther is less requirment for fresher in java so
I can enter in this field.Please suggest me

Prayag Rawat
SCJP1.5 Prepering..MCA
all friends I prepared for scjp1.5 and decide to give the paper but i
saw there is new relese of sun scjp1.6 so i am planning for the new paper
but ther is miner changes in objective.I am unable to find any reading
material say pdf or updated book for scjp1.5

Should I go for scjp1.6 with scjp1.5 prepation
Hi Fiends
I am prepering for SCJP1.5 but there a new version SCJP1.6
and I am planning to give the new exam but I can't find any resources
even through internet so please suggest what shoud I do and mail some
resources like books for scjp1.6 on
Prayag Rawat