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Martin Zisler

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Recent posts by Martin Zisler

Hi there,

I was wondering how ternary and if / else operators would behave with Java 1.6.

I took the small test class mentioned at the beginning of this thread, played around with different numbers ... and my measures showed that runtimes are identical.

My suggestion: For better readability and lower maintenance costs: Avoid inline conditionals (ternary operator).

My conclusion: Modern compilers produce the same binary code independent what operator you use in the source file.

Cheers, Martin
8 years ago
I was just surprised that the event registrar and the event executor is expected to be the very same bean, which appears strange to me. This doesn't sound like very clear design. I'd expect some logic to register an event and some other logic to execute the event when it occurs ...
However, I found in the EJB 3.1 JSR that this point is expected to be improved in EJB 3.1 (

EJB Timer Service enhancements to support cron-like scheduling, deployment-time timer creation, and stateful session bean timed objects.

Thanks anyway for your reply, Martin
Hi all,
I've some doubts concerning timer service.
Does it make sense that the very same piece of logic (class) registers an event and handles an event? From my point of view a separation would be much better, something like a table of pending events and some MDBs reacting on and handling the events.
What's your opinion to that? For me the timer service looks very weak ...
Thanks and kind regards, Martin
Hey all,

finally I passed my B&S assignment with 391 points.

General Considerations (maximum = 100): 100
Documentation (maximum = 70): 70
O-O Design (maximum = 30): 30
GUI (maximum = 40): 31
Locking (maximum = 80): 80
Data store (maximum = 40): 40
Network server (maximum = 40): 40

So I lost a few points in GUI ...

Thanks for all the helpful notes I found in this forum. In fact I was more silent reader till now ...

Cheers and have a nice day, Martin
11 years ago