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Fidel Edwards

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Recent posts by Fidel Edwards

Thanks Jayesh for nice reply.. !

I am now thinking of "Spring Batch+Spring Scheduler" to help out my current project, to see at what extent I can groom myself.

Many thanks to all who advised me like a good Friend or Teacher .. !
5 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Fidel,
Is there anything your employer wants you to do? Knowledge transfer? Pair with teammates?

I am done with the Knowledge transfer, now I am getting some random queries from my Team mates.

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:

you can play with something. Have you learned Java 8 yet?

No not yet... ! I will give it a try. But as I said that I have too much idle time in office so it means so many thoughts are coming in my mind like learning few new things like MongoDB, Analytics, Advance Hibernate, Concurrency, Spring +(DI,Batch, Scheduler, etc) and lots of things

The problem originally lies on remain focused.. especially when you have lots of time with lots of stuff to confuse with.
5 years ago
I know , it is quite easy to say that one should utilize his/her time when S/he is on notice period. You are serving Notice Period and don't exactly know that what work would you do in your future job. Sitting idle and just looking at watch to Tick 05:15, does not make any sense.

During this time, one can not go and can't do too much as you are being restricted to do anything.

can any one suggest what should I learn and how to motivate myself to learn something new?

Thanks in Advance.. !
5 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:In which way should the approach be better?

When I say Better approach this means a way by which I can get any API (or something) which can retrieve Object (like list of all Schedule Tasks) and utilize the feature of that Object?
5 years ago

I want to create a Web page which can monitor and display the status of Schedule Tasks setup on different remote machine. This Dashboard should also has the capability to re-run the schedule task.

I know that I can achieve this via Runtime class by running schtasks /Query and get all the details. But I just wanted to know if we have any other better way to do this.

5 years ago
Thanks Joe..!

It worked for me .. I used the instanceof check against each object which worked for me.

Many Thanks for looking into problem and guiding to resolve.
5 years ago

Joe Ess wrote:

That sounds more likely. So what do you think is wrong with this line in your jsp?:

I am not figure this out as in this code I am able to access name but since name also contains the list of different object . I will require kind of valueof check to make sure that correct values can be fetch from the Object A or Object B (etc) but seems a bit ill-chosen.

I might be wrong that instanceof might be the single solution , but I think Struts ( or nested) tag would have something to check this to store each element of array.

Thanks in advance ..!
5 years ago

Joe Ess wrote:

How does a java.lang.Object contain anything?

I meant to say that Arraylist contains another Arraylist which in turn contains 5 Elements
5 years ago

Joe Ess wrote:
So what does the ArrayList contain? An ArrayList, an Object array or an Object? These are not equivalent classes.

Thanks for reply Joe.

My List contains an arraylist of java.lang.Object (of 10 elements). Each object contains the list of 5 Different Class Objects (A,B,C,D,E). Now, I want to print A.Id, A.Name and E.TaskId and C.TaskName etc.

Hope this explains the problem.
5 years ago
Hi All,

I am not sure if I should put this into Hibernate or Struts group. Here is my issue

I am running a query in HQL which returns a list of objects from different classes

It gives me a list. Now, when I am trying to show this list in my jsp using iterator. I am having problem

as List looks like

No when I am trying to iterate using nested or <iterator> it is not allowing me to fetch the values from A as it considers it as an object and when I am trying to cast it. It is not allowing me to do that.

I also tried this way

But it also does not work as the we cannot define any object in value of <bean:define> tag except String.

Could you please suggest how can I fetch the values from each Object of specific type.
5 years ago

Jayesh A Lalwani wrote:You are using the wrong dialect of hibernate. Can you post your spring configuration? How have you configured hibernate? Is it in spring or persistence XML? Post that too

Here is the directory structure,





I am using a simple main class from where I am instantiating the bean. But getting that error

6 years ago
The integration of Spring with Hibernate is a nightmare. I tried many things to integrate but it is keep on failing with or other reason. Currently, it is failing with following errors

Here is my pom.xml

Now, when I am running the maven validation it is failing but it is allowing me to compile the code

But I am able to compile the code.

Could you please suggest what would be the correct dependency to run a Spring MVC + Hibernate project.
6 years ago
I know it is bad thing to write on old posts.. But I really could not stop to give big Thanks to Merrill for such a useful post... which will always remain helpful..!
6 years ago

Hi Ric,

I checked all my certificates' entries and it is having the duration the each certificate intact. The only thing changed was the Creation date of certificates not the validity of Certificates.

Richard Tookey wrote:
I'm not convinced since this may overwrite CA certificates with out-of-date versions! This is why I expected a filter to be needed.

How can I verify this ?
6 years ago
Many Thanks Richard for Suggestion !

I found another simpler way to achieve it in JRE 1.6.

6 years ago