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Recent posts by Dinesh K J

I have an application which will involve a JSF front end and will send requests to a MQ (Most likely JBoss messaging). And a business layer which will read the messages and apply business logic and store it in Database.

The UI layer will be on a separate Tomcat and Business layer on JBoss. The business layer needs to be scalable, i.e. by adding extra servers we need to handle extra load, the order in which messages are processed is not important.

Few questions here

1. Seam framework or Plain EJB3 for the above case? Where will I code my Business logic in the case of Seam ?
2. Is it a good practice to send Messages to MQ directly from Tomcat (ie from the webapp) ?

Thanks in Advance for your replies.

Hi guys,
This site is really very helpful.Today I cleared SCJP 5.0. Now Im in a dilemma whether to go for SCWCD or SCBCD. I have worked in JSF and JSP with EJB for last two years. As far as Sun site they suggest we can choose either of these specilizations before going for SCEA (which is my real goal), Suggest me which adds more value for SCEA preparation. Somehow I feel I have to take SCBCD... Help me with your ideas.

Thanks in advance

K J Dinesh
Im also looking for SCWCD 5.0 / SCBCD 5.0 version Books/Materials. As of february 29 2008 previous versions have expired. We can only appear for 5.0 versions of these exams.
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