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Recent posts by Raghavendra Harapanahalli

Guys could You Suggest Me any good material for a beginner to get the basic concepts of web services
10 years ago
Hopefully Guys.. I'm actually desperately looking for a change.. :-(

Thanks for the wishes..
10 years ago
Took the exam today and passed with 94%...Yippeee..
Thanks to One and All for all the guidance and suggestions...
This is my preperation...
Head First 3 times..
marcus Notes once... followed by Fredrick esnault and mikalai zaikin notes..
did some enthuware 1.4 mocks and marcus quizzes....
10 years ago
i dont think any sun exam has a partial marking scheme. answer is rigt if all options are right ,else its wrong.
You have taken over an old web application that contains a servlet for each use case. These servlets have become difficult to maintain because the service methods have grown big. Also,since the use cases are similar, lot of code has been repeated accross the servlets.
Which patterns can you apply in this situation?

a Business Delegate
b Transfer Object
c Front Controller
d Session Facade
e Model View Controller

the answer is given as a and c, but i feel it is c and e.
can anyone clarify?
Actually... i have just days left for the exam.. do i need to buy a separate mock... or can we manage with the free mocks available???
i`ve solved many SCWCD 5 mocks and found most of them have knowledge based questions than skill Based which SCWCD 5 claims to be.. could anyone guide me as to which mock is closest in tone and difficulty to the real exam...

Thanks in advance...
Please check the following web.xml fragment


always scripting invalid is specifies for a url-pattern which hence can be to anything from a single JSP to the Entire Web Application.Hence,i feel B cannot be right..
I've finished HFSJ 1.4 twice, i want to give some mocks.Could you please suggest me any good online resources(mock exmas and simulators) for SCWCD 5.

Thanks in Advance Guys..
guys can you help me regarding the difference between scwcd 1.4 and scwcd 1.5 exams??
I'm preparing for SCWCD 5 and i have seen everybody suggesting HSFJ.But i have already started with Deshmukh,is Deshmukh good enough for the preparation??
Guys could you suggest me what is the next best cerfication to go for after SCJP 5??? (wats best for the career perspective?)
10 years ago
Hi freinds,
i passed SCJP 5 with 94% yesterday. Well maybe i was a bit lucky got very easy questions...
10 years ago