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Recent posts by Chase Simms

I had no problem getting VirtualBox installed on my Vista PC. I installed a copy of Fedora on a VM and downloaded the Glassfish Liferay package. I had a running Liferay Portal in around an hour including the time to set up the virtual environment and install the OS. The package took just a few minutes to get up and running.

I'm using my copy of Liferay Portal 6 Enterprise Intranets as a guide to customize it now. The book has a lot of detailed information. I believe Liferay is a viable replacement for my company's current internal portal.
13 years ago

Thank you for your reply. I will pick up a copy of your book. I really like the idea of having that knowledge condensed and at my fingertips. I'm glad you covered these higher level concepts.

I specifically look forward to reading about the Spring Security Kerberos Extension. I'm trying to teach myself to code securely. I understand Spring Security is only one layer, but it will be nice to use a comprehensive authentication and authorization layer. I'm starting to drink the Spring Kool-Aid across the board.

Thank you,
13 years ago
I used JAAS to authenticate to Active directory through LDAP. I had a little trouble getting it going and couldn't get Kerberos working. Does the "Spring Security 3" book have examples of Active Directory integration? Do you discuss the pros and cons of using LDAP and Kerberos and how they work together? Does Spring allow me to use LDAPv3 and force TLS?

The nuances of Authentication vs. Authorization are a bit confusing if you try to implement without a clear understanding of each. If it adds some conceptual clarity and gives a little practical example this book is worth it's weight in gold.
13 years ago
I received my book. I've skimmed the entire book and it looks good. I like the Summary at the end of each chapter. I read each of those first. Like all of the other Packt books I've read, this one is above the industry standard.

I downloaded VirtualBox and created an OpenSolaris VM. I'm running MySQL and Glassfish. I'm going to give Liferay a try. If it works out, I can take the entire VM to work and show it off.

Thanks JavaRanch and Jonas Yuan.
14 years ago
How do you handle HA with Liferay?
14 years ago
I was looking for something quick and easy to convert XML files into HTML or PDF. The resources I found all looked a little dated. I have an XSLT and XSD to work from.

JasperReports and Cocoon looked like overkill. FOP primarily outputs into PDF and may work for me, but I would like the flexibility to output HTML.

If you have a preferred conversion API, I'd love to hear about it.
14 years ago
Do you cover Shards in Spring Persistence with Hibernate?

Is there any information about SOX or HIPAA compliance?
14 years ago
Thanks for the reply Gregg. I downloaded that paper. It's a little too much for me to digest right now. I have some production changes to roll out.

But I will look it over later. The more I've thought about it, the more convinced I am that I need to take a serious stab at Grails.
14 years ago
I took a quick look at the TOC and didn't see a mention of web services. Much of my time over the last year has been spent creating web services or applications that consume web services. Most of the services I create use multiple databases. I've been using Spring for data access and creating my web services.

Will Grails make my life easier? Are there any compelling SOA related features of Grails?
14 years ago
Hi Peter,
I'm working on the same thing. Here's what I have:"C:/absolutePathTo/workspace/ADTest/data/jaas.conf

passed as a VM argument.

Contents of jaas.conf:

fwiw, I'm not up and running, but I'm almost positive this is all good info. I think my problem is specific to Active Directory. I had the tutorial running fine till I started trying to authenticate against AD. Best of luck.
16 years ago
I am going through Sun's tutorial on JAAS and am trying to get it to work with AD.

JAAS Authentication

It seems to "almost" work. I'm not getting any errors. I used LDAP Browser from Softerra to verify my LDAP syntax. (very handy free tool btw)

Here's my conf:
JaasConfig { required debug=true
group.provider.url="ldap//secretname:389/CN=Users,DC=secretname,DC=com"; };

Here's the full output:
[JndiLoginModule] user provider: ldap://secretname:389/CN=Users,DC=secretname,DC=com
[JndiLoginModule] group provider: ldap//secretname:389/CN=Users,DC=secretname,DC=com
ldap username: secretname
ldap password: secret
[JndiLoginModule]: User not found
[JndiLoginModule] regular authentication failed
[JndiLoginModule]: aborted authentication failed
Authentication failed:
User not found

Any help would be appreciated. I think I've read all the tutorials I could find online. But if you want to pass one along, I certainly won't be offended. I would really appreciate specifics of what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks in advance.
16 years ago