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Recent posts by Sandeep Mukherji

When we call sleep(), it causes the running thread to transit to a ready to run state. Does the sleep() call will also relinquish the lock on the object if it is invoked from a synchronized method?
I am going through the topic TreeSet and Tree Map where I found the following line:

Searching in a HashSet or HashMap can be faster than in a TreeSet or TerrMap, as hashing algorithm usually offer better performance than the search algorithms for balenced tree

My query is "What is a balenced tree?"
12 years ago
Hi friends,

I am also preparing for scjp 1.6. I am rfering Java Certification, by Khlid Mughal. Shoul i follow some other book alongwith this?

I am preparing for SCJP 1.6, but have the book Khalid Mughal 1.4, so going through the topics like Collection, Threading, Exception Handeling, Garbage collection of 1.4 currently. I want to know that what topics are added so far(from scjp 1.4) in 1.6 exam and what topics are excluded. Can somebody please help so that i can arrange those topics from somewhere?
Hi Friends,

Generify your List and Map and Set. Change the Iterator to a local variable; it may throw Exceptions if you have it as a field.

Why have you got so much code in the constructor?
Have you come across methods of the Character class which can tell whether a character is a letter, digit, etc? they may be easier for you to use.

Thanks for the suggessions. It helped me to learn a lot.

If you are using f+"walkin.txt" can you add a File to a String? Will that code actually compile?

Yes, it will compile because by doing f+"" we are actually casting the f Object to String.

Will Object1.toString.compareTo(object2) compile? Because the compareTo method of String is parametrised to String it won't accept Object as a parameter.

Yes, it is working. ArrayList al.get(int x) - returns the element Object in the al at the position x. We are storing textFile to the al, which is a String.
The method "public int compareTo(Object o)" Compares this String to another Object. If the Object is a String, this function behaves like compareTo(String). Otherwise, it throws a ClassCastException (as Strings are comparable only to other Strings).
You can refer to I think, that is the reason it is compiling and generating output successfully (I am not quit sure).
12 years ago
I was going through the Collection Framework and got a line about Vector as:

The Vector class is a legacy class that has been retrofitted to implement the List interface.

If legacy classes refer to the old classes then how can it be retrofitted??
I am confused
12 years ago
Hi Friends,

Worked hard and arrived to the solution as follows. If the code have a scope of more optimization please contribute.

12 years ago
Hi Friends,

Objective: To take a txt file as input and produce an output file which states which word repeated in the file how many times.

Constraints: We can not use String class for that and have to use Collectons only.

My current approach: I took the characters of the file in the ArrayList and tried to create another ArrayList which adds the first arrayList if a blank space is encountered. I planed to take the second ArrayList serch for the occurences of the word by comparing with a HashSet having all the words in it.
Here is the full code:

But I failed Any sugessions please.
12 years ago
I said:

You were using the overrided version of the name in class B

Actually you were hiding the field 'name' in your class B. Pardon me for saying 'Overriding'.
12 years ago
Make a slight change:

You were using the overrided version of the name in class B. You had to take the name of the Class A only.
12 years ago
What are legacy classes?
12 years ago
What is the difference between ArrayList and Vector?
is it only that:
i) Vector is thread- safe and ArrayList is not. and
ii) Vector objects suffer a slight performance panelty due to synchronization.
or something more?
12 years ago
Hi all,

I have copied a code from Khalid A. Mughal on join(), and a bit confused about how the output came. the code is as followed

The output is comming like :

Thread-0 will join after the completion of other threads
Thread-1 will join after the completion of other threads
My concern is, how this output is arrived. Can anyone explain please.