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Recent posts by Nitin Vashishtha

Dear friends,

I have passed TOGAF 9 level 2 certification with 82% last week.

Just like the part 1, I followed the PDF book downloaded from the open group's site.

The questions were actually lengthy and tricky. Picking two most correct choices was easy, but then to pick the most correct out of the two was tricky.

About my preparation :

I read all the chapters in the PDF book and tried to remember which topics are discussed in which chapter, so that I can reference to the right material during the exam.

I prepared for about a week for the second part.

In real exam, the questions were lot lengthy and trickier than the practice set given in the PDF book, but the format would be similar.

Thanks a bunch to all the fellow ranchers for sharing their experiences and good luck to those who are preparing.


7 years ago
Dear fellow Ranchers :

I have completed the TOGAF part 1, with 95% last week.

Background - I have around 10 years of experience with java/j2ee back ground. Currently performing the role of a solutions architect.

Study - I did self -study for around 20 days. Only read the PDF book , purchased from the open group's website.( sometime referred to the online material from the open group's site as well, for a few topics)

I read the book twice in detail and kept making notes of the important points from each chapter. These notes helped me in doing final revision the night before the exam.

I attended all the questions at the end of the chapters and two practice papers at the end of the book. I scored near about 100% in the practice exam sets.

This link has a good collection of other online tests/material available on line regarding togaf. This helped a lot as well. Thanks to the author.

I am targeting the second part around the first or second week of February.
Thanks to all the ranchers for sharing their experiences.

7 years ago
Hi Mikalai,

I was browsing the study material for the OCE WSD 6 exam (CX-310-232) , and found a link of your free guide.
Is there a PDF version for the same?
If yes, can you please provide the link?

Your help will be highly appreciated in this regard.

Thanks and best regards,
Congrats Ryan!
Great write up on preparation, very helpful.

10 years ago
Could you please share the materiel you referred for preparation and your preparation plan?

SCJP 91%
10 years ago
Great Score! Congratulations!
Great score!Congratulations!
13 years ago
Changes were made to HttpServletRequest.getQueryString() to be in compliance with the J2EE Servlet Specification, sections SRV.8.4 and SRV.8.4.1:

The HttpServletRequest.getQueryString is one of the path elements used to acquire a RequestDispatcher; therefore, this value must be updated to reflect what was used to obtain the RequestDispatcher when a forward keyword is used. If there is no query string when obtaining the requestDispatcher, getQueryString() returns null.

Previous to these changes, the original query string from a client passed throughout the request even after it was forwarded.

Originally posted by raja ram:
out.println("After forwardingvalue of req parameter " + request.getAttribute("javax.servlet.forward.query_string") ); --out put is null


what happens if you put req.getQueryString() in place of request.getAttribute("javax.servlet.forward.query_string") ?
Sorry for the confusion.Now I have got the point.

Originally posted by Christophe Verre:

"Any object" is the problem here.

Thats correct,if it is really "any" object,the answer will be d.
Actually,HttpSessionAttributeListener will be notified whenever "any" object is added or removed from a session,additionally, if any class named as 'A' implements HttpSessionBindingListener and the value which is being bound to the session is an instance of class A,then both the listerners will be notified in this in any case,HttpSessionAttributeListener will always be notified.As far as the above question is concerned,the correct answer will be d.
Could you please tell us how much did you score in the HFSJ final mock exam?
Thank you everyone.
Your help is highly appreciated.
The correct answer would be C.
If you read the question statement carefully ,it says that "instances of the class are notified after any object is added to a session"
this is the case when the instances are notified whenever they are added or removed to or from any session.
In this case the calss,instance of which you are adding as a session attribute should implement HttpSessionBindingListener interfce and should override valueBound(HttpSessionBindingEvent event) and valueUnbound(HttpSessionBindingEvent event) methods and this is the only listener you dont need to declare in DD.

Originally posted by sreekala venkatachalam:
Hai,I did SCJP1.4.

And Is this HFSJ book good for Brainbench JSP certification??

Not sure about the brainbench ,but for SCWCD head first is exceptionaly good book.