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Recent posts by Tim Cooke

It snowed in Belfast for an hour or two Tuesday afternoon and everybody lost their minds. Public buses stopped running and people lost the ability to operate their cars like rational human beings. I got the train home and all was fine.
1 day ago
If you're heart set on Mac then it'll just be a case of choosing a Mac model that fits your spec requirements, physical requirements, and fiscal requirements. For example I really like the size of the new MacBook, but am underwhelmed with the specs. I really like the specs of the new MacBookPro but am underwhelmed with the size and that touch bar. For that reason I'd be looking for a decent spec Windows laptop that I can install Linux on, however it seems that you are actively avoiding Linux so it's back to my Mac recommendations.
2 days ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:The notion of learning on a phone scares me.

I think it's a generational thing Campbell, for both you and I.
2 days ago
Emory, can you elaborate a bit on that. Why do you think that is the case?
2 days ago
Perhaps Gabriel might like to have a go at explaining why there are different types of loop? Why might you use a while loop over a do-while loop? And visa-versa?
2 days ago
Do you think this is an appropriate use of a while loop?

Is there any looping going on there? What other language construct could you use instead here that might be better suited?
2 days ago
Kelly, could you explain why there might exist the two different types of loop? The while loop, and the do-while loop? Why might you use one over the other?
2 days ago
Hello Kevin, welcome to the Ranch!

You are correct. "import aquarium.*;" will import "aquarium.Water" only. The import wildcard syntax is not recursive, in fact you would do well to consider them completely disparate packages. The suggestion of package nesting is only really observed in the file system directory structure applied to organising the code. The notion of 'aquarium.jellies' somehow being related to 'aquarium' does not apply hold true in the code.
3 days ago
I work for a financial exchange company, and there are many positive reasons why this particular exchange has been in existence for 150 years, so to suggest that there is no value in it holds no water. Markets serve customer needs.

As for crypto-currencies, the current market is very volatile which creates opportunity for great gains in a short time. For example, I bought a small sum of a currency a couple of weeks ago which has now quadrupled in value. However, with high volatility comes high risk as that same currency could just as easily be worth nothing tomorrow. As with trading in any market the key to success is understanding the commodity you're trading. Actually making trades is easy, making the right trades at the right time is where you make money.

My top piece of advice if you want to dabble with crypto-currency is be absolutely, 100%, prepared to lose everything. Don't invest money you can't afford to lose. I have some investments live today which may come to something, but may also come to nothing. I hope they work out, but I'm fully prepared to lose the lot and I'm not going to be homeless if that happens.
3 days ago
Lewis, do you think it might also have an influence on the range of values that the Java numerical types can hold? int, long, float, and double for example?
3 days ago

grace Hopp wrote:Memory Analyser Tool (MAT) would be used to track leaks in memory and/or reduce the memory consumption.

That's interesting. How does MAT reduce the memory consumption?
3 days ago
There does appear to be a hodgepodge of information sources for the JForum project, but I'd recommend http://jforum.andowson.com/forums/ as your first port of call as this is where the JForum contributors tend to hang out most often.
4 days ago
Sydney, you suggested this code:

Can you explain that code a little more please?
- What type is the 'changeCase' variable?
- Where might I find the .UpperCase() method?

Side Note to all recent posters: This topic is 12 years old so I don't expect the OP is still waiting for responses to solve this problem.
4 days ago
I expect Lei has gotten it sorted now since this topic is 10 years old.
4 days ago
Given that it's been 12 years since N. Gonzalez asked this question, I doubt he or she is still waiting on the answer.
4 days ago