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Recent posts by Tim Cooke

Vaseem Mohammed wrote:EKS you will have more control. When you have a devops resource to manage go with EKS. ECS is limited controls in our hands. If you want to go quick go with ECS. Hope this helps

I've read this statement a few times and I have questions.

  • What controls do you value that are available when using EKS but unavailable when using ECS?
  • What is a "devops resource"?
  • What do you mean by "go quick"?
  • Why do you recommend ECS to "go quick" over EKS?
  • If you like giving AWS more of your money then EKS is a great option.

    Of course it depends on your requirements. Nobody can say one is better than the other until your definition of "better" is understood.
    2 weeks ago
    Your question implies some kind of communication relationship between a Java class and a HTML page but you don't say what is creating that relationship? That is key to being able to answer your question.
    3 weeks ago
    For Tomcat you can define a list of start pages in your web.xml

    3 weeks ago
    Personally I would look for a solution that uses ECS before I reach for EKS. I believe there are really very few problems where Kubernetes is the optimum solution, but that's a good deal of my own prejudices in that opinion.
    3 weeks ago
    There are other technical considerations when choosing one solution over another, so I'd still be interested to find out what "better" means to you?
    4 weeks ago
    True to form I fell off the wagon at day 15. I'll probably pick away at them throughout the year as time and enthusiasm permits. I really enjoy them but they can be a real time sink.
    Oh yes EKS is wild expensive in comparison to ECS.
    1 month ago
    Depends what your definition of "better" is. What does "better" mean to you?
    1 month ago
    Day 14 no bother.

    Day 15 doesn't look too bad either, but not tonight.
    Day 13, I got there eventually. Oh boy what a mess, but it works thank goodness.

    I took a great deal of satisfaction in wrapping my part 1 solution in a Comparator to sort the packets in part 2. That was a nice little exercise.
    First, a big thanks to Mark Winteringham for being here to promote the book Testing Web APIs.

    The winners are:

  • Carl McGee
  • Jose Almonte
  • paul nisset
  • Junilu Lacar

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    Book Promo Winner - Testing Web APIs - Tuesday, December 13th, 2022

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    Thanks and congrats to all the winners.
    1 month ago
    Ha ha, very good Liutauras. Yes you got me

    As it turns out my idea was flawed. I had made a fundamental mistake in that I foolishly thought I could convert the input into an array using String.split(",") but of course that makes no distinction between commas in the sublists so everything after that is destined to fail.

    I think my next strategy will be to take the inputs a character at a time instead of trying to parse them as a whole.


    Ok, here we go.
    I worked a few years on a financial exchange written in Java and arrays were used quite extensively in that system.

    This was a high frequency trading platform so performance was a key requirement, and one of the main problems we had was Garbage Collection. The GC would do a stop the world clean up for 30 seconds at a time during which time nobody was trading. 30 seconds is a long time in that domain.

    One way we tackled that problem was to use primitives and that's where arrays come in. Arrays can hold primitives, where Collections only hold Objects. That is you can have an array of items of type int, but if you used a List your items would need to be of type Integer.

    Of course using primitives for monetary values comes with its own problems and required some special handling, but it was a price worth paying, apparently.
    1 month ago
    I have now formed a plan and I hope I can translate it into code. Wish me luck.