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This week, we're delighted to have Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates, & Elizabeth Robson helping to answer questions about the new book OCP Java SE 8 Programmer II Exam Study Guide.

The promotion starts Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018 and will end on Friday, May 25th, 2018.

We'll be selecting four random posters in this forum to win a free copy of the book provided by the publisher, McGraw-Hill.

Image from unknown

Please see the Book Promotion page to ensure your best chances at winning!

Posts in this welcome thread are not eligible for the drawing, and should be reserved for welcoming the author. Questions posted in this topic are subject to removal.
I think part of the problem they have is that their email agent is down so it's impossible to verify your account. I changed my email address a while back and now my account is stuck in unverified state and unusable.

Also it seems nobody over there knows who the admin is or even who owns the site.
6 days ago
On the topic of whether a rewrite is a good idea or not, here's a word of caution.

When rewriting an existing application that you feel has been written poorly, consider where your requirements come from and where your sources of knowledge come from. It has been my experience that the old crufty application serves as the requirements list, and the sources of knowledge are the developers who wrote that old crufty application, so it is really easy to end up writing a new version that ends up very similar to the old version, and not in a good way.
2 weeks ago
Geb is simply a glorified Selenium Web Driver, so just provides a nice programmatic interface for interacting with a web page. How that web page is generated is largely irrelevant.

I should ask of course: What did you find out when you tried it? Because I assume you have at least put some effort in and given it a go.
4 weeks ago
We send out email announcements each time a new promotion is started, and we announce on Twitter @coderanch, and Google+, and we put an announcement at the top of the forum. It's really easy.
1 month ago
I understand that each of the winners of this book promotion will have heard from the publisher directly by now to arrange having their copy shipped.
1 month ago
Don't think so. Let's find out.

Today is Thursday and this thread has 2 flags.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.
1 month ago
Yes. Changing the order of the items in the CucumberOptions had no effect on order of execution, annoyingly. Renaming the tests so that they were alphabetically ordered did the trick, as I mentioned. Interestingly, the alphabetical ordering must be by ascii because with the names of the actual tests I have (remember I said I'd changed the names for this example) it turns out that 'O' comes before 'm', capital letters before lowercase letters. Of course IntelliJ orders them sensibly in the project browser which adds to the confusion.
1 month ago
Flags are a means to draw attention to a thread by putting little blue flags next to it so it stands out from the other threads. You are able to add as many flags to a thread as you have cows, which is why you get the option to add 2 flags because you have 2 cows. Make sense?

By way of demonstration, I'll add a couple of flags to this thread.
1 month ago
As a hack I have temporarily renamed my feature files

It's unpleasant and hacky, but it gets the job done.
1 month ago
I have a JUnit runner that runs my Cucumber feature files and I'd like to know if I can control the order of execution of those feature files

When I run this in the IDE the tests are run Test2 followed by Test1, where I want them to run Test1 followed by Test2 (don't get hung up on the test names as I've changed them for this simplified example). I know by now you're on the cusp of telling me that test order should not matter and that having to define the running order is a sign of poor test design, and yes I know all of that. But in this case I already have poor test design with interdependency between the tests and a failure is observed when Test2 follows Test1, but not when Test1 follows Test2. So I want to temporarily force the running order so that I can debug the problem in my IDE. So far I've been unable to find the option that allows me to do that.

All help appreciated.
1 month ago
Hurrah! I'm glad it has arrived. Be sure to update the Book Promo Winners Page to say you've received it.
1 month ago
The communication disconnect with the publisher certainly is not helping. Luckily I have a couple of other contacts at McGraw-Hill, one of which is currently helping me with a) getting a new contact, and b) getting copies sent out to the promotion winners.
1 month ago