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Tim Cooke

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Recent posts by Tim Cooke

I caught this on your Twitter this morning Jeanne.

Ingenious. Over-engineered. Brilliant!
2 weeks ago
He's making a list,
And checking it twice,
Gonna find out
Who's naughty and nice.
Santa Claus is contravening GDPR.
3 weeks ago
CR = CodeRanch
CR = Campbell Ritchie
4 weeks ago
The wheels have come off...

Campbell Ritchie wrote:I have lots of places to store documents; abbreviations can cause confusion.

Ha, that's exactly where I thought this thread was going too
4 weeks ago
I also found day 14 relatively straight forward, but even so it always takes me a few reads through the instructions to understand it properly.

Day 15 is officially a zinger
Copy and Paste is your friend for that one Mike.

Playing catch up here, got day 13 and 14 done today. Day 15 looks like a zinger and might be a little while before I'm ready to code anything at all.
This is one of my favourites found near ATMs

4 weeks ago

Peter Rooke wrote:Well done, now you can start to learn how to actually ride

Funny that's exactly what my instructor said to me when we got back from the test centre.

Cheers for the recommendation, I'll definitely be looking for something to help me get better at all the stuff they don't cover in the test, which as you say is just mooching about town for half an hour and briefly hitting 50 mph on a straight bit of dual carriage way. The journey begins
1 month ago
First, a big thanks to Craig Walls for being here to promote the book Spring in Action (5th edition).

The winners are:

  • Claude Moore
  • meenakshi sundar
  • Julian Isaac
  • Matt Campbell

  • Please send your snail mail address to bookpromotion AT javaranch DOT com. To ensure the quickest response, please provide the following:

    Your name (first and last - if your CodeRanch name is different, please include both your real name and Ranch name)
    Country (needed even if requesting an e-book)
    Phone Number

    Also, please include the following as the subject of your Email.

    Book Promo Winner - Spring in Action (5th edition) - Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

    Image from

    As noted in the Book Promotion Eligibility Requirements and Legal type stuff, the winners have 8 days to submit their information. Within 3 days of receipt of your email, we will reply to let you know we got it. If you don't hear back, the goat might have eaten your email. Please let us know by posting in the Ranch Office so we can check on it. Once you have received your copy please let us know by editing the Book Promotions Winners Page and updating the 'Status' column to say you have it.

    Thanks and congrats to all the winners.
    1 month ago
    How did you find the tests? The theory was total nonsense IMO, the manoeuvres test was the toughest I'd say, and the on road test was just a nice waft around town for 40 minutes. I had never ridden a bike of any sort before starting out on lessons so was all very new and unusual but now feels great.

    Do you have a bike in mind? I have a 15 mile journey to work on a dual carriageway so a Vespa wouldn't really be ideal for that, so I'm looking for something comfortable and nimble that won't try and kill me. Just need to hit some bike shops and see what they've got that I like.
    1 month ago
    Hey congrats!

    What licence did you have before? A1 or A2? I had nothing but the AM (Moped) that I got by default when I passed my car test back in the mid 90s. Really looking forward to getting a bike now and going out by myself instead of having an instructor in tow all the time.
    1 month ago
    It's time to revisit this old discussion because yesterday I gained my full motorcycle licence I'm super chuffed!

    In practice I think my motorcycle choice will come down to price, availability in my area, and whatever feels nice enough to ride.
    1 month ago
    I've dropped a day behind so today I have 4 outstanding puzzles, this is it, the beginning of my inevitable AoC demise.
    Yes, done. My hunch was right but not exactly as I first imagined it.