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Recent posts by Stuart Smith

Just a little info for any Windows users that may install this in the future.

Upon install if you do not tick the start up on boot up option there is a way to change this after wards, I could not find any information on the net after some time googling and crawling the Sun forums.

However to save you the same problems you can easily set it to start up automatically by following the instructions below.

I also add the windows firewall setup required to get this baby online I assume you know how to port forward on your router to your local IP on port 80.

Add to Windows firewall a rule to allow this application

Also open port 80 in the Windows firewall this is all done via the security center.

To start the server automatically you need to go to the Windows control panel / Administrative Tools services and it is displayed as

Sun Java System Web Server 7.0, just set it to automatic and it will boot up when you restart your pc.

Oh yes nearly forgot, the Admin server is a separate instance and it is advisable not to allow this to start up automatically and use it as and when you need to configure your server, you can get to it from Start / All Programmes / Sun Microsystems / Web Server / and running the Start batch file short cut provided, there is also one to Stop the admin interface in the same folder group this should be run when you finished configuring your server.
[ April 02, 2008: Message edited by: Stuart Smith ]
12 years ago
Thanks guys that clears that up very well
12 years ago
This is the first time I have use it to be honest but so far it looks great give it a download and try it, I have to get used to the configuration screens but it has a full graphical admin area unlike the standard Apache setup that requires you to use a config file only go Notepad haha.

I could not reccomend it yet as it was only installed today but the install was easy as you have seen the problem I have was a Dimdows one

I have tried many servers Tomcat, Easy PHP based on Apache but what bought me to try Suns was the built in Java features.

here is a link to the offical page.

From the reading I have done so far it can use PHP, ASP MYSQL and ofc Java so I would suggest giving it a try, I am using it for my personal domain so if its a business critcal application you are thinking of probbly better to throw it on a test machine.

Thus far I have had nothing but good results from Sun software and will be migrating to Solaris as it has everything pre installed allready and of course is free.

The admin area is clear and concise.

The only thing that I would say is bothering me at the moment is the fact I can't seem to find the configuration to make it boot on start up, there was a tick box in the installer that I unchecked like I always do when installing new software but that has kicked me in the butt this time as I can't find the option to make it start up now that I want it to.
12 years ago

Originally posted by Marco Ehrentreich:
By default the Windows firewall blocks all ports but a few known ports like the remote desktop port for example. Perhaps you should just try an operating system instead of Windows

But now finally YEEEHAAA!


Wooohoo it works nice one

Thanks, I am going to set up Solaris in the future

Thank you very much for your help.
12 years ago
Could some one also confirm if this is correct please?

String A = "hello";

String B = "hello";

As I understand it Java will create a referance from A to B (pointer) and only store "hello" once with muliple referances and not actually create two new areas of memory that store "hello"

Is that correct?
12 years ago

Originally posted by Ulf Dittmer:
It requires a JRE.

Thank you.
Thank again for your help, everything is set up except one thing Dimdows as I shall call it =P

Windows firewall has not popped up for me to allow the server I am sure that is what it is now after checking everything else.

So I need to allow it on windows securty center, just got to suss out what .exe to allow in the sun web server everything else is good to go.

Opened port 80 on Windows Firewall, there was no rule there so that would stop it.
[ April 02, 2008: Message edited by: Stuart Smith ]
12 years ago
Bugger thanks for that, a number of things it might be.

1: Sun Java server only works internally on install
2: I had no default page and it does not work unless you make one
3: DNS has not updated across the globe

Not sure if the server is set up correctly something I will have to read about.

I can access the domain via the domain name and can see my router config page and this usually means it is working i.e the DNS is pointing to my router at least.

Just created a index.html and renamed the default sun one that was there just in case that was the problem.

It works localy so thats prooves the server is running.

Name Listener Hosts Document Root

cube [*:80] cube C:/Sun/WebServer7/http-docs

Port forwarding is set up to local IP on 80.

I'll restart the pc as I just set up static IP.

Ok the default directory is not public by default modifed config so hopefully now it will work keep me informed
[ April 02, 2008: Message edited by: Stuart Smith ]
12 years ago
I had all sort of trouble getting models to load the simplest way is to use the Java built in format OBJ that most model editors can export.

Doh just read the date sorry to wake the zombies
[ April 02, 2008: Message edited by: Stuart Smith ]
12 years ago
Welcome to the ranch!

Just noticed that your name breaks the sites friendly enviroment please update it to your full First Name and Last name it does not have to be your real name if you don't want it to be but it has to sound real, it is a great idea and I thaught I would let you know before one of the Sheriffs guns you down in the street

Check the Naming rules here

Have a nice day.
12 years ago
LOL I am new to Java so you will soon catch up I am sure, as we both wan't to work on the same MMO ideas perhaps we could learn together and post our code and problems here, I am in the middle of organising an old pc I have lying around the house as a test server.

I hope if all goes well to get Solaris installed at some point and get the Sune game server installed set up the database as that needs doing first then next on the list is a simple login / account creation client from what I have been reading here that makes sense to do it in that order, then of course we could attempt a basic walk and talk and go from there, if any one else is interested in helping the full source would be published if it ever gets to that stage as like I said before I am new to Java and building a mulitplayer walk and talk is not an easy task.
12 years ago
Howdie ranchers, I have just installed the Sun Java Webserver and finally enabled my domain could some one please test if it is accesable to the outside world as I can only see my router from inside the LAN if all is working you should see the Sun Java Webserver welcome page as I have not added any custom pages yet.

If its working please give me a HUGE yeehaaa thanks alot
[ April 02, 2008: Message edited by: Stuart Smith ]
12 years ago

Originally posted by naitzu sai kneap:
it is many hours I have been rebooting machine but moose is upsidewon still.

Pz help!!!

LMAO see I just can't help it now I nearly fell through the floor with laughter so much so that at this time of night I guess it is ok to point you in the right direction =P
12 years ago
Hi, Mr Weaver just wanderd if JavaFX requires a plugin on top of the Java JRE or does it simply work like AJAX does with a JavaScript enabled browser?


Originally posted by James Weaver:
I can recommend a couple of other resources to get your hands dirty:

The first article in the Creating RIAs with JavaFX Script series.

The blog in my signature line below:

Very intersting blog you have there spent some time reading it, there is a lot of information on it that i svery usefull thanks =)