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Recent posts by Renu P Deshpande

Hello Ranchers
This is my first post on the forum,very happy to share that i cleared SCWCD 1.5 with 95% (66 out of 69)
Thanxs to all ranchers,most of my doubts got solved by searching this forum.

About my preparation:

Duration : Almost 4 months(2hrs a day for most of the time , 5 hours a day for last 10 days)
Read HFSJ 2nd Edition two times.Its a wonderful book.First time i worked out examples as i read, in the next reading i took notes.

Referred Servlet Specs for method definitions and JSTL spec for details.
Appeared for all the free mock exams given in link at JavaRanch.
Appeared for HFSJ Mock 1 and Mock 2. The tests proved extremely useful for knowing my weak areas.

Revised again and gave the exam.

C:ForTokens and variable directive also made appearence in the exam,so be prepared.
HFSJ first edition Mock : 65
HFSJ second edition Mock : 59

I felt design pattern questions are most challenging,getting a clue is difficult in the questions.IMHO if we practice by writing small examples, the exam is not that difficult.

One suggestion :

When we have doubt,its always better to take efforts of searching about it in existing threads rather than directly making a new thread.

Best Luck to all SCWCD aspirants