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I have created a view in clear case. now I have a set of modified files & set of new files which was not exists previously. We can find out easily list of modified files. but is there any way to find out about list of new files.
11 years ago
Hi all

Is it worth full to study the book THINKING IN JAVA?? is it better than khalid mughal & head first ??
I heard that khalid mughal & head first describe only basic concepts while this book talks about java in very depth, is it true??

Hii all

If one method is synchronized & one thread executing this method now if other thread try to access this method it can not access it. so my question is who will tell to that other thread that method is locked & can not be accessed.

12 years ago
Hi... i just do not wanna write company name here.. but i have one service base company job offer in india but it is for internal requirement.. I am just in confusion that will it be right decision to go for it or not??? I heard that there is no market value later on of such type of internal requirement project. they never add a value in resume.....

is it right??? what should I do?? please suggest ....
12 years ago
Could some body tell me a good book for DSA & Design pattern .... which one will be good to learn from market point of view..
IS DSA is different for JAVA???
12 years ago
compile time= grammer/Syntax
run time= real output time

the answer is all ready given by above two post But i am just trying it to put in funny way .
When you will go to purchase a car you will check everything whatever should be there & what every should not be that is COMPILE TIME
But when you will drive the car you get what is exctally missing thats the RUNTIME.
12 years ago
static concept is same in every JVM but as my idea question should be somehow like this that whats the static visibility OR value in different JVM's. As every JVM has different value for the same static variable if you are running the application in cluster environment. static variable is a class variable so every JVM will have its own value if you are using more than one JVM. This logic works only in cluster environment.
Normally every object has different value OR its own value for a instance variable. Same is with JVM in the matter of static variable.

may be i didn't clear it very much But this is somehow like this.
12 years ago
Go for khalid mughal best book. Else go for head first that is also a good book. But these books can not be completed with in 15- 20 days if your target is this as per my knowledge.
12 years ago
String constructor have its own purpose. when you declare

now both reference s1& s2 are denoting same object Because String pool does not create duplicate object unless declare.
But if you declare like this

In this case s1 & s2 both are denoting different objects. because new create a brand new object in String pool.if you want to create a bracnd new object in String pool you have to use String constructor. For E.g
s1==s2 will return true While
s3==s4 will return false.
the reason is s1 & s2 both are denoting same object while s3 & s4 are denoting different objects.
12 years ago
Hi could you tell me that for SCEA is it necessary to having 5 year experience???
there is one very simple rule about this: Methods are called based on object while static methods & members variables are called based on reference.
Now you wrote

here reference is of Mammal while object is of Zebra so
will call Mammal variable &
will call zebra noise method
in static method we cann't access instance(non static) variables. but when you are in static method you can not declare static variable BUT you can declare local variable that will be non static. As static variable belongs to class not to method.
12 years ago
this statement means nothing.... but may be your doubt is regarding heap & thread safety So here it is:

Heap is not thread safe While stack is thread safe...
Heap contains objects & class members(fields) while stack contains method & local variables.
Every thread have its own run time stack. So any thread can access any heap object OR members that's why they are not thread safe.

hope this will help..
12 years ago
Give me a reason why should be it illegal ???
12 years ago
hey jose i am not Einsten .. i wrote what i learnt from the books. But yes i tried to write that in a simple language.
12 years ago