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Recent posts by mahesh kale

There are two free applications that let you create ".exe" from jar files. Also you can create installer as well.

These applications are :


You can google it for their webpages.
11 years ago
if yo are using linux then Kate,Kwrite for KDE.or in case of gnome there are gedit plugins for syntax highlight.

For windows you can use :
crimson editor
Notepad ++

For mac there are plenty of options:
intype is good one
you can better check apple forums,website for theworthy one.
i'm interested to code in javafx the problem is that the computer i use for coding don't have internet connection.i access internet from cafe..and on openjavafx websiteb have place for downlaoding plugins for eclipse,netbeans but that method that uses there
any way i can download plugin for both online and install them on computer using USB drive.

another option is that if i download the eclipse and connect it to internet in cafe...then install plugins from there...then again if i take same setup on my computer will it work for eclipse?i know it won't work with netbeans because its having installer which can't be ported to
computer to computer here and there.

is there any way i can downlaod interpreter for javafx?
12 years ago
i have found few discussions on google,this might help you.

1.first is:
2.another one is :
3. one more good resource:
12 years ago
i think that code works ine but i did few modifications with it...will post soon as i get my eclipse window out of CTRL ALT DEL
12 years ago
Other than that you can go for these links


Hope this helps...i have more links which explains the advantage and disadvantage of these versions seperately.but i thought these will help you better so posted.
12 years ago