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My team consists of people whose primary language is Mainframe. They are asked to take up Java certification (SCJP) and make Java as a secondary language. What i would like to know is whether

1. Java Certificate SCJP 1.4 (CX-310-035) exam is still offered and whether it is valid/recognized.
2. Is there lot of difference between the SCJP 5.0(CX-310-055) and SCJP 1.4(CX-310-035)

Can you also let me know the exam price difference of taking up the Java 1.4 and Java 5.0 certification in
India and USA.

Thanks for your time and help

Hi Rhett,

Just read chapters 1 to 11(EJB 3 in Action).It is more than enough for the exam.
But Definitely read Mikalai Zaikin`s notes if you are not able to read the specs..
Take up some mock exams like Enthuware which will be of help.
I would have scored better if i had taken up the mock exams.
Hi all,

It is done the nightmare!!!
I have passed SCBCD 5.0 today.
I am new to EJB and used the following books.

EJB 3 in Action (the best)
Mikalai Zaikin`s notes (the best)
SUN assessment (mock exam)

I did not take any of the mock exams(Whizlabs and Enthuware).
I did not have time to read the specs but i belive MZ's notes is more than enough.It is more of a condensed version of the specs.

I studied for 2 and half months(6-8 hours daily).The exam was not very hard but we need to be very clear on the concepts.
I did not get a single drag and drop question(very lucky on my part).

Thanks to Mikalai Zaikin for his great notes.

My special thanks to Beno�t de CHATEAUVIEUX and Tushar Roy.

Hi Benoit

Congrats !!!

You definitely deserve it ..

Benoit just one question did you read Mikalai Zaikin`s "SCBCD 5.0 Study guide"
or just only the EJB Specs.

And did you do any practice codes.(EJB programs)

Sorry thanks Narendra i have downloaded the specifications
Thanks Ram i have downloaded the specifications

Thanks a lot Benoit you have been of great help
Hi ,

I need some doubts cleared about the SCBCD 5.0 Exam.

1.Annotations - Is it enough if we know just the annotationa or do we need to memorize the DESCRIPTION of annotation for the exam

Eg: @ Stateless


@Target (TYPE) @Retention(RUNTIME)

Public @interface Stateless{
String name() default "";
String mappedName() default "";
String description() default "";

} ------> so do i need to memorize this

2. Do the exam cover ONLY the following topics or is anything missing (Please let me know if any topic i have missed out)

EJB 3.0 Overview
Session Beans
Message Driven Beans
Java Persistence API
Java Persistence QL

If so then where do i get information regarding EXCEPTIONS (Not mentioned in EJB 3 Action or Mastering EJB 3) .Can i read it from Head First EJB since exception is mentioned in this book

3. Will i get questions regarding deployment descriptor in SCBCD 5.0 Exam.
If so is there any book i can use to read on deployment descriptor in depth since most of the EJB 3 books dont go much into them.

4. Can you tell me how many questions are there in the exam and how long is the exam.In one site i read there are 60 question,145 minutes is the time duration.Please correct me if i am wrong.

Thanks in Advance

Can you tell me which EJB Specifications needs to be read

I was given a link for EJB Specificatons

But i am not exactly sure what specifications i need to take.

If you have any other link please let me know

Congrats !!! Good Score

I am preparing for the exam can you please tell me in Manning Book i reading only Chapter 1 to Chapter 11 (Is it enough)do i need to read the rest of the chapters in that book.Later on i will prepared MZ's Guide.

You have mentioned that you have read two specs can you tell me what is it and where i can find them.

What mock test did you take..Do you have any mock exams which you can share .

How long did it take for you to prepare for the exam.

Thanks Tushar

Can you recommend any other books or is EJB 3 in Action (Manning) upto chapter 11 and MiKalai Zaikin guide enough for the exam.

Can you give me some tips regarding the exam
Thanks Mikalai

Is the books that i have mentioned enough for the exam. And what about Chapters 11 to 16 in EJB 3 in Action is it required for the exam
Hi ,

I am planning to take SCBCD 5.0 exam.I am totally new to EJB.

I have started reading EJB 3 in Action (Manning) and completed the first 7 chapters.

Do i need to read the Part 4 and Part 5(chapters 11 to 16) of this book for the exam regarding the packaging EJB 3 application and migration and interoperability issues.

After finishing EJB 3 in Action i am planning to study Pro EJB 3: Java Persistence API (chapters 3 to 7)for Entity API as mentioned in some of the posting and of course MiKalai Zaikin guide.

Is there any other book that i need to refer for the exam or is this enough.

There is a mention of EJB Specifications which need to be read in various posting which i am not able to understand.Where do i get the Specifications study material.

Thanks in advance