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Recent posts by jacob deiter

Why a generic static method have a in addition to return type, but a instance method not? public class Main {

public  static <T> T met(T t) {
    return t;

public  T met1(T t) {
    return t;
9 months ago

Apache Kafka is another JMS technologies which is used for message communication as IBMMQ, RabbitMQ and Apache ActiveMQ?
11 months ago
What are the difference between service locator design pattern and typical servlet application’s servlet mapping.
In servlet mapping, we find a servlet by a key (url string) which is analogous to service locator pattern where we find the service by key.
1 year ago
I see a foreign key relationship, in that the reference table (foreign key table) is null but it has foreign value key. So what type of constraint it is?
REFERENCES null (null);
DB: Oracle.

Bear Bibeault wrote:You could just look at the mappings in the deployment descriptor.

Thank you. I tried this way but it does not meet my requirement. I want to know all the methods getting called ,EX: till the data saved into DB from UI.
I want to know what are the method are getting called when a URL of a web application is getting accessed?
I found a tool Xrebel, which quite useful for my need however it is a paid version, are there any free tools which has same feature?
why down casting is needed in java. Can i have a practical example for down casting in java?. I please do not want an academic example.
2 years ago
I try to create web service using Spring framework and want to secure my services. When I read spring documentation I came across Wss4jSecurityInterceptor which provides security. Can I use the Wss4jSecurityInterceptor in a declarative way using Spring AOP so that the application developer can be concentrate only on business logic.
3 years ago
what is the below method means

<T> T get(Class<T> responseType)

I know Generic is used here, but what the type this method will return?

3 years ago

William Brogden wrote:I'm not sure what you are thinking of here.

REST is an architectural style, not a messaging API. Furthermore a RESTful service is completely wide open as to what resources it can manipulate so there is no generic REST client structure. At one time there was an effort to create a WSDL like descriptive language for RESTful services but generally the publisher of a REST style service provides a text description and example code for client users.


Ya you are rite, but in my view, Rest client should not know all the service details which its supposed to use and if the provider modify any of its services then the client has to be informed rt?. so it will create tight dependency between client and service provider rt?
3 years ago
I am new to Rest web service and while learning it a question strikes me,
In SOAP based web service, WSDL is act as a contract between client and service provider, so, Client will know how to interact with service provider by reading the WSDL file and create a client which is highly capable of interacting with service provider. To my understanding, in Rest web service we don't have WSDL so how a client will generate its stub automatically?
3 years ago
I am a software engineer from India and get a opportunity to get H1B visa for USA and PR-Permanent residency for Australia, which country I have to choose and which is best in every aspect such as “standard of living”, healthcare, Tax, cost of living,….etc?

I am really confused which option I have to choose,

Can anyone compare USA and AUS and list out its “Plus” and “Negatives” ?
5 years ago
I am from India and got H1B visa through my employer few month back and my employer assured me that I will be sent to USA in couple of months, but till now, I did not get the opportunity so I thought to quit my present company and planned to travel USA through some other employer
1) It is possible to go to USA on H1B through some other employer?
2) What step I have to take for the same?
5 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:If you are going to work in an English speaking country, it is time to learn how to spell "career".

You could look at job posting to see which country has more openings and which are more interesting to you. But I think it is more important which of the two countries you would rather live in.

Sorry, I have spelled wrongly .
But please suggest how I can find the job opening in both countries, because I do not have more friends or relatives there to get more information about it, so please suggest is there any way to get those details?
5 years ago