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Recent posts by jacob deiter

Sorry to ask question on syntax, I tried to google but I did not get the clear answer. If you can help please help me.

What is this syntax called, what is the use of it.

2 years ago
Thank you Benford for your reply!

I am using Apache Http client tool to access the Rest API.  How it can be done in Http client?

P.S: I am not sure how genuine the Rest API is, if the API is not secure enough then I do not want to call it from Http client tool.
3 years ago

I'm using java and Apache Http client to access a Public Rest API. I got the Rest API's URI by just google search. When I looks at the URL, it says https, and the SSL certificate is issued by "Amazon".

So my question is how to verify the certificate at java code, if possible could you please provide any sample code to validate the certificate?
3 years ago
Can you please explain what is this interface "Annotation"?


To create a custom annotation, the following syntax should be used

then what are the difference between Annotation Interface and "@interface"?
3 years ago

Why a generic static method have a in addition to return type, but a instance method not? public class Main {

public  static <T> T met(T t) {
   return t;

public  T met1(T t) {
   return t;
6 years ago

Apache Kafka is another JMS technologies which is used for message communication as IBMMQ, RabbitMQ and Apache ActiveMQ?
7 years ago
What are the difference between service locator design pattern and typical servlet application’s servlet mapping.
In servlet mapping, we find a servlet by a key (url string) which is analogous to service locator pattern where we find the service by key.
7 years ago
I see a foreign key relationship, in that the reference table (foreign key table) is null but it has foreign value key. So what type of constraint it is?
REFERENCES null (null);
DB: Oracle.

Bear Bibeault wrote:You could just look at the mappings in the deployment descriptor.

Thank you. I tried this way but it does not meet my requirement. I want to know all the methods getting called ,EX: till the data saved into DB from UI.
I want to know what are the method are getting called when a URL of a web application is getting accessed?
I found a tool Xrebel, which quite useful for my need however it is a paid version, are there any free tools which has same feature?
why down casting is needed in java. Can i have a practical example for down casting in java?. I please do not want an academic example.
8 years ago
I try to create web service using Spring framework and want to secure my services. When I read spring documentation I came across Wss4jSecurityInterceptor which provides security. Can I use the Wss4jSecurityInterceptor in a declarative way using Spring AOP so that the application developer can be concentrate only on business logic.
9 years ago
what is the below method means

<T> T get(Class<T> responseType)

I know Generic is used here, but what the type this method will return?

9 years ago