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Recent posts by deepa karra

Hi study group,
I already joined JavaRenaissanceGroup.
See you all there.
Thanks Prithvi.
Dear Prithvi
Java Ranch is surely a best place for help and information. But I think it would be better to create another yahoo group for the study and post our questions in the ranch.
What do you say?
I really liked your idea.
Thanks Prithvi for offering to plan a schedule. Prithvi, I didnot understand what you mean by the same group?
As I mentioned in my previous message my target date is the last week of November. I don't mind for an earlier date if I am done with my preparation.
I would like to join in too. I am planning for the exam in the last week of November or 1st week of december.
Great idea!! I would like to join the study group
Hi Annesh,
Thankyou. I solved the problem.
I was parsing the date to MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss using simpledateformat.
Now I changed it as
SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat();
Thank you. The time is still the same as 12:00:00AM
Thanks Charan,
I tried using the <property> as java.sql.timestamp. It is saving the current date. But the time is always being saved as 12:00:00 AM 000

The date is saved as 08/04/10 12:00:00 AM 000.
I want to save a record along with current date and time using hibernateDAO.
I am using oracle database. What is the datatype I need to use and also do i need to convert the java date into the oracle date format?
Dear Tudor Raneti,
I am able to connect to different databases making two different connections. But i am unable to save the data into a table when both the connections are open.
I have to display columns from two tables using HibernateDAO. The information to connect to the second table is stored in the first table. How can I use the host,username and password stored in one table to connect to another table and display columns from both the tables in one page?

I am trying to retreive last inserted record of a table. No records are displayed when i use the following query

Thankyou. I could add a row dynamically using struts.
13 years ago
I have two tables User and Department. I want to retreive two columns username from User and department name from Department using Hibernate.

I created a class User_Department as follows:

public class User_Department{
private String USERNAME;
private String DeptName;

...Getters and setters


The Query I am using to retreive the columns is

queryString = "select a.USERNAME as USERNAME,b.DeptName as DeptName from User as a,Department as b where a.deptno=b.deptno and a.USERNAME like ? ";
result = (List) session.createQuery(queryString).setResultTransformer(new AliasToBeanResultTransformer(User_Department.class).setString(0,userName).list();

I executed the program 4 times with the same parameter and 4 rows with the same data are displayed instead of displaying it once.
When I deleted all the data from both user and department tables, the above query still displays the output from User_Department class.