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Recent posts by Brent W Farrell

I am a Java developer who has only explored Scala a tiny bit.  One of the main things in Scala seems to be an encouragement to use recursion specifically tail recursion.  On of the  reasons I have hears rail recursion is encouraged is because it can be represented as a loop.  wouldn't it make sense to my code just as a loop to begin with?
5 years ago
I have been reading for awhile that html 5 will be a big security improvement since it will reduce the reliance of rich web applications on things such as Adobe flash which have traditionally had security problems. But won't html 5 just shift these security problems from plugins to the browser itself once they all are fully implementing the new apis? Its not like flash is going to go away. We still deal with java security flaws in applets. Won't HTML 5 just introduce yet more attack surface since the browser will expose things such as local storage and we will still have to deal with the problems in flash?
I have a question for Tanuj Khare. It seems that the big new feature in Tomcat 7 is support for Servlet 3.0. Specifically the elimination of the need for a web.xml file and instead moving to an annotation based configuration. Does this provide anything other than the convenience of not having to work with xml. Is there some other key feature in tomcat 7 that would cause someone to want to migrate to it.
12 years ago
How did the author come up with this list? Is it from their experience, or did they include the opinions of others?
12 years ago
Does the book only cover the core parts of spring? Does it also cover pieces such as spring security? Finally does it cover Roo?
12 years ago
Hello Federico Kereki,
I am interested in using GWT to develop a richer user interface in an existing web application. The application uses Spring MVC and JSP for the view. Is it practical to keep Spring MVC and replace the JSP view with GWT or does GWT not integrate well with Spring?
13 years ago
Hi Peter,
I am admittedly unfamiliar with Spring Security but I am interested in possibly using it in a project. I am working an application that is using 2-way ssl for user authentication. Would Spring Security be compatible with this and allow me to create role based security in my application.

13 years ago
It seems spring 3 seems to be moving to annotations over xml for configuration. Is there an advantage to using annotations. Will the legacy xml configuration method still be supported.
14 years ago
Does the book Spring Persistence with Hibernate assume that the reader has any prior knowledge about Spring or hibernate.
14 years ago
What is the average performance trade off for using a rails plugin.
15 years ago
How does object oriented JavaScript impact performance? How does an object oriented solution compare to a procedural solution performance wise?
Will there ever be a version of myEclipse for netbeans? Perhaps a my netbeans.
Are there any plugins that intergrate Java Rebel with popular IDEs such as netbeans or eclipse?
I have often heard Seam being compared to the Spring framework. What is the difference between the two? Does one hold a clear advantage over the other?
Hello all,
I am taking a sun practice exam for the scjp 5. Please help me with the following question:

1. class x {
2. public static void main(String [] args) {
3. String p = System.getProperty("x");
4. if(p.equals(args[1]))
5. System.out.println("found");
6. }
7. }

Which command-line invocation will produce the output found?

java -Dx=y x y z
java -Px=y x y z
java -Dx=y x x y z
java -Px=y x x y z
java x x y z -Dx=y
java x x y z -Px=y

I thought since we are comparing the property "x" to args[1] the correct answer is A, both would be y, however the exam says the answer is c. Please provide guidance.