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Recent posts by K DeLucia

Thanks for the response! It makes sense. Not quite as easy as I was hoping, but I feel like I'm on the right track now. Thanks!
2 years ago
You said, "So, as I'm reading that, the explicit IP address or primary servername  are OK, but you want to "return a pop-up" when the same URL comes in using an alternate servername." Maybe? The explicit IP address and primary servernames are not displaying the pop-up (which is provided by going through the F5) but I need the pop-up to display.

So, the IP-address URL and the server-host URL both point to the actual server where the application resides. Hitting that IP doesn't present a pop-up.

The dns-alias URL points to the F5 (via DNS pointing to the F5 IP) where we get the 'nice' popup and then are brought to the application login.

Is there a way to force the IP-address URL and the server-host URL to redirect to the F5 URL? Ultimately, I need the pop up that is provided by hitting the F5 IP. So, I need all the various URLs to end up hitting the F5, or I need to lock down the URLs that don't provide the pop-up.

Not sure if I can accomplish this with Tomcat configuration, or if I need to look at something else. I don't think it can be configured via the F5 because the IP url and hostname URL don't go to the F5, they hit the application server directly.

I found a 'url rewrite filter' that looks promising, but it's a separate jar file to download and use which may not go over with security. But I can investigate that if it will work.

2 years ago
I'm trying to figure out how to configure something in Tomcat and I'm not having any luck. So, I have several URLs that go to the same application:

The URL with the dns-alias goes through an F5 and presents the user with a pop-up message that is required by our security team.

When a user attempts to access https://dns-alias:port/application, the user should get that pop-up, then when clicking OK, get the application login screen. This is working fine.

When a user attempts to access https://IP-Address:port/application or https://server-host:port/application, I want them to be presented with an error message - either a 404 or some custom message - I just want the application to not be accessible on those URLs.

So, basically, I need that one dns-alias URL to be the only valid/working URL to get into the application.

Can this be done with Tomcat configuration? I've been looking at the engine and host elements, connectors, RemoteAddressFilters, etc, but nothing does what I want it to do. Is this possible with Tomcat? Or do I need to look at another way to restrict those URLs - maybe something on the network side??

Please let me know if you have any information. Thank you!
2 years ago
Weblogic 9.2 - 2 clustered servers running on Windows. They have been working perfectly for years. Today, when I try to start them, I get success messages - both seem to think they are successfully started and running normally, however when I try to access the console (or an app) from the browser, I get the message 'Service Unavailable'. I'm not seeing any other errors in the browser or in any log files.

I've tried starting the server manually from the command line but I get the same results.

I have no idea where to begin troubleshooting this. Any ideas on what I should look at?

Thanks for any info.
10 years ago
That does seem to have fixed it. Thanks so much. Out of about 10 tries, it only hung once (which is somewhat worrisome, but if it works 90% of the time I can deal with that!)
Unfortunately, trying to access the Ant runtime preferences also causes Eclipse to hang.

I just set it outside of Eclipse and holy $#!&$( but my build file opened! Could it be that easy? I'm off to start and restart and open and close and reopen my build files 20 or so times to make sure.

Thank you very much! You may have just saved my sanity!
I am unable to get ant working within Eclipse ( https://coderanch.com/t/491633/IDEs-Version-Control-other-tools/Eclipse-Hangs-When-Trying-Open ). I've been fighting with it for days and am making no headway. So, I need to find another way.

Are there other Eclipse plugins I can use to view and run my Ant scripts within Eclipse? If so, any suggestions as to which ones and where I can get them?

Or, would I be better off just installing and running Ant outside of Eclipse? I have very little experience with Ant and almost zero with ant outside of Eclipse. I'd like to avoid huge learning curves, but if it's my only option I'll have to tackle it.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

I still can't get it to work. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, used a clean workspace, an old workspace, with preferences and with no preferences set and I can't get it working at all now. Could there be something on my PC interfering (port issue, driver issue, etc). I'm grasping at straws.

Is there another ant plugin (other than the one that comes default with Eclipse) that I could try using instead?

Any ideas are welcome.
OK. I started with a clean Eclipse workspace, pulled in my project. Everything was OK and my build.xml file was opening just fine. I reset all my preferences (all the ones I could think of anyway) and at some point, it happened again. I can no longer open it without hanging Eclipse. Obviously, something I'm setting is messing things up but I have no idea what it could be. I'm not changing any ant specific settings in the preferences. I'm setting a few content type/file association things and setting some Tomcat server settings. This is going to drive me crazy!
It appears that something in the preferences must be corrupt - is that possible? It all works fine if I create a new workspace. I can copy in my project and the build.xml opens just fine. As soon as I import my preferences, everything breaks again. I have so much 'stuff' customized in my workspace I don't think I'll ever get it back where I need it again. :-(
I already tried both. I created a new blank workspace, imported my project and when opening the build.xml eclipse hung.

I also reinstalled eclipse - the latest version and imported my project and the same thing happened.

I can open the build.xml in notepad and it all looks fine.

I'll try going with a new workspace, new project and new build.xml and will see what happens.

I have a project in eclipse that contains an ant build.xml file. Whenever I double click the build.xml file to open it, eclipse hangs. I can leave it for hours and it never does anything. When it's hung it isn't using any cpu and doesn't appear to be doing anything. Eclipse version is 3.5.2. I downloaded the latest version, installed it, created a project and pulled in my files and the same thing happened there as well.

So, I tried a different project. When opening the build.xml the same thing happened - it hung. I tried going to Windows\Preferences\Ant\Runtime just to see what was there, but it hangs when I click on Runtime.

I can open any other file - xml files, properties files, java files, etc.

Any ideas on what I can do to get this working again? It used to work - it's only recently that it stopped working. I don't know what to do to try to resolve this.

Makes sense. I knew it was something simple. I'll give it a try. Thanks a bunch!
12 years ago
Can someone tell me what is wrong with the below code. I have a web application where people can upload files. The filenames are put into a list. Then I loop through the list and for each file, I attach it to an email and send the email. All my print statements seem to indicate that it is processing and attaching the correct files, but when the email is received, only one of the attachments is included, but multiple times.

For instance, if I upload file1.txt and file2.txt, when the email is received, it comes in with two file attachments (like it should) but both of them are file2.txt.

I'm sure I've done something stupid, but I just can't see it. Any ideas are welcome!

12 years ago
I tried it again, and made a few changes and I got it to the point where it does catch it, but not in the way I expected. Usually I can catch the error and handle it somehow and return gracefully to the user. In this case, it catches the exception, but there doesn't seem to be any way to give the user back their session variables, or recover their data. The best I can do it present the user with the error and the web form that is missing all the text they entered. I'll have to work at it some more I guess. Maybe if I move the upload fields to a separate form and submit them separately from the rest of the form I can work with that somehow.