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Hello All,

Looking for suggestions and advice.

We currently use Ant+Cactus to test our EJB3 projects.
The plan is to move the build environment to Maven2. In the process we are also evaluating various open source testing tools and frameworks.
Here are the basic requirements we came up with

1) Should be able to test EJB3 along with persistence ( with a lightweight container, currently we use jboss)
2) Ease of use – be able to run as a suite with selected test cases
3) Pluggable in eclipse
4) Possibly integrate with Maven and nightly builds (like jenkins/Hudson)

Any suggestions and advice or pointers to articles/blogs that you have found helpful in this area ???

Thanks & Regards,

- Anu

5 years ago
Hey Satya,
By the way did you attend the mandatory training and submit the course completion form ?


After you download the assignment you pause the PearsonVUE test.
This puts the test in a state where you see the "Continue" button and the number of days you have to upload your solution, ie 6 mnths since download.
When you are ready to submit the assignment, you jar it up, carefully follow the instructions in your assignemnt pdf to create the jar.

Log into your PearsonVUE account, and hit teh continue button. Then click next, this will display a file upload field.
Upload the jar and follow instructions on screen.

After sucessful upload, you will see a message suggesting that you to register for Part 3.

They dont grade your test unless both Part 2 and Part 3 are submitted.
To the best of my belief, you have to submit Part 2 and 3 within 6 months of assignment download.

Hope this helps.
I dont have my cert yet, but looks like I have cleared the assignment. Ranchers helped me a lot ...thank you ranchers!!!

Listing my experience while its still fresh in my mind...

Blogs that helped me.





I used StarUML 5.2. Please note, my assigment mentioned that my solution should be UML complaint.

It did not specifically ask for UML 2.

Some Tips:

Class Diagram:

I had crammed in a lot of information in the assigment. Towards the end, my class diagram looked

more like an information overload. I did not want to split it as I did not want to risk failure,

I created 2 images . In image 1 , I hid all the attributes and operations, left the dependencies

and class level annotations intact. I removed most of teh comments too. I called it the overview

This diagram had a prominent note requesting the examiner to look at the Main Class diagram for
operations and other details. That way I thought, the examiner can easily see classes and their

relationships without getting bogged down by attribute and operation details.
In the main class diagram I crammed as much information as possible.

Deployment diagram:
I had two deployment diagrams.
The first one gave a high level view with firewalls, all clusters, datacenters etc.I showed all servers, and all nodes.
The second one was called Type level deployment, it detailed how the jars, wars and ears were

deployed. I only showed one AS node in the type level diagram, and put a note stating that. I showed external systems

on both.

I had made a lot of assumptions.
I did not want to aggravate the examiner by making her go through paragraphs of assumptions.
So I highlighted the important part of the assumption in bold, and then explained it in detail
in regular font. That way the examiner can get an idea by merely skimming through and then delve
into detail if she feels the need.

I had in total 7 risks, I ordered them by degree of importance, thus the 3 major ones were first.

Going through Java ranch and reading experiences of others helped me refine my diagrams.

I started preparing for Part III while still working on my assignment. Trying to answer the list
of possible Part III questions helped me catch and correct some flaws or shortcomings in my design.

Hope this helps, have fun.
I got a similar reply regarding the essay status.

I had also asked them why the certification logo did not show up.
They did not give a direct response to that, but my reply had a couple of paragraphs on how training is mandatory.
So, I guess the logo wont show up until I submit the course attendance; fair enough...

In short, I am going to stop worrying and start celebrating..

Satya Chekuri wrote:This is the response I got from Oracle for the SR I opened:

"Please note that the ASSIGNMENT 1Z0-865 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master result status changes from Taken to Pass but the ASSIGNMENT 1Z0-865 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Assignment exam status remains same as "Taken". We appreciate your understanding in this.

To earn your Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect certification credential you need to submit the course submission form in Pearson VUE"

I am not completely sure what they mean, do they mean status would remain "TAKEN" for now and would be changed to "PASS" at a later point or would it remain "TAKEN" till I take a course?

And can someone who got their result recently tell us what their status looks like for IZO-866?


Thanks for the update Satya. Congratulations!!!
Does OCMJEA show up in the certification history, mine doesnt. I am going to put in a SR just see what they have to say..
My guess is, that wont show up until course submission.
I found the JSF explanantion in the Oracle JEE tutorial most helpful.
I also liked the Javaworld article "Put JSF to Work"
Thanks for the reply Satya.
What is an SR? Probably I should get one opened too.
As far as i know there is no time limit to start part 2.
I finished part 1 in july 2012 and did not buy the assignment voucher until Nov 27th 2012.
I downlaoded the assignment on Dec 4th, that gave me until jun 4th to upload the assignment and essay.
Please note, you get 6 mnths from assignment dowload to complete both the assignment and essay.

Hey Satya,

Did you hear back from Oracle??
I uploaded my assignment on 05/21, logged into cert view a few minutes ago and according to it I have passed step 2 of 3.
Step 3 is still marked as taken. I took step 3 on 05/23.

Very curious to know if you heard back from them OR did your status eventually get updated?

Thanks for the reply,Mark..

Congratulations on the certification
They dont evaluate part 2 unless part 3 is submitted.