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Arsineh Keshishian

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Recent posts by Arsineh Keshishian


I'd like to deploy a jar as a shared lib in weblogic.
This jar should be used by several jsf projects.
The shared lib is purposed to deliver dynamic content to the jsf projects.
Will this idea work? Do I have to extend the faces-config with the shared lib or where to note the shared lib?
Thanks in advice.
8 years ago
Hi guys,

one question:

My code lookes like this:

The informationItems-List is a dynamic List, depending to the user it can have one or many items.

Every item in this list has an special attribte: one item can have the attribute active or inactive.
Depending to this attribute I would like to display the value in different styles.
If an item is activ I would like to display it in green, and if beeing inactiv in red.

How to give every item in the selectItems list a different style?
Does anyone has an idea?

Thank you!
9 years ago
Leslie and Faber thank you for your support.

Leslie, your code gives me exactly the desired result.
Thank you again.


I'm formating my double values.
When running following:

I get the value 456,58.
What I want is 456,57.

How to do that?
Does anybody have an idea?

Thank you very much
Congrats Marcin,
13 years ago

great score!
13 years ago
The mock exam of K&B book is pretty tough, so I guess 70% is a good score.
Don't be afraid!

with Method[] mm=s.getClass().getMethods();
you only get the methods in Class S and R which have the access modifier public, not protected and not private.
Since getMethods() is a method in Class Class, in package java.lang, it won't find the private and protected mehtods neither in Class S nor in Class R.
So you have to modify the methods you want to be found in both classes R and S to public.

[ June 04, 2008: Message edited by: Arsineh Keshishian ]
13 years ago
Congrats, great score!!

Grets from Munich
13 years ago
Dear sridhar,

don't be disapointed. Nobody can deny that this is a very tough exam.
When I took my first mock exam I was completly overstrained with the difficulty of the questions and with the time left.
Then I studied the book once more time. Wrote lots of small programms and took many mock exams.
The more you take mock exams the better you get.
Practise more and do lots of mock exams and go for SJCP 6. You'll get it!

Good luck
13 years ago

This is a tough exam. The score doesn't matter.
You're a certified programmer now!
Be proud of yourself!

13 years ago
Hi guys

I passed my exam with 86% :-)
It was much easiert than I had thought...

Thanks to Kathy and Bert and you all for all the great support.

Java rocks!
13 years ago
oh, I forgot to write all objects (ears, eyes etc) are also implemnting Serializable...
Hi guys,


When I serialize a dog Object how many objects ars serialized?
dog + legs + eyes + ears = 4 objects?
is this right?

Thank you

When running this code:

int n = 4
final int x = 3;
final int y = 4;

I'M getting a compiler error because of j using in case y.
The compiler complains that "j may have not been initialized yet". But I can not reinitialize j either because of "duplicate local variable j".
So the only way is to make j final in case x: final int j = 0;

Why does j has to be final?

Thank you