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A tech grad, an amateur guitarist, a fitness freak, a music maniac & a novice blogger
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Recent posts by Sandeep Swaminathan

Welcome Paul Fisher & Solomon Duskis

I badly wanna learn about these two frameworks & looking ahead to purchase a copy..
13 years ago
Hey Eric.. Thanks a lot for the API reminder.. I will go through that. And I'm running it on http only.

@David Oh.. I think you got me wrong! Rather I will reframe the statement to add some clarity to it

Is it true that dojo 1.3 or 1.4 is the best & stable release for IE8? Heard of any such similar (above-mentioned) IE8 issues with dojo 1.1?

Howdy Ranchers!

I'm kinda new to Dojo toolkit. There are certain issues which I would like to get enlightened (I googled but I didn't get an appropriate & satisfying answers)

1. I have a dojo.js in my local (Perhaps the uncompressed dojo.js downloaded) in my already running application (Developed by another software developer). How to find out which version of dojo.js he has downloaded and is being used right now? (Its not commented. I checked)

2. a) While I'm trying to run my application in IE-8 (Opening a pop-up on click of a button), I get error which is pointing me to this line of code

b) Is it true that dojo 1.3 is the best & stable release for IE8.

Timely help will be really appreciated
Welcome Filippo di Pisa
14 years ago
By using onkeydown="this.blur()" I'm able to restrict the user to enter to enter the pathname manually but I'm able to copy paste the location of the file. How do I disable it so that the user is only forced to click the browse button and choose a file to upload?

Note: Browse button logic I have implemented. No probs in that >
Yep! But I was asked to use only flat files..
14 years ago
I'm using a Logger class to log the errors occuring. But while creating a file I'm hard-coding the file location. which I'm not supposed to do. How do I specify a path which I don't want to hard-code in java?

14 years ago
I'm trying to upload the records from a CSV file into the database. On the process I'm trying to validate those records extracted from the CSV file. Because of performance issue, I thought of using batch update which will return me an array of successfully loaded index. But even if there's a duplication of one record, the entire batch is failing and the records are not inserted into the database. Am I not supposed to use batch update for such cases? Then how do I resolve the performance and cost issue as I dont want to hit the database for each and every insertion of record.

NOTE: I'm not supposed to use LOAD DATA INFILE and use only INSERT INTO command.
You're not allowed to change. Its the directory structure. Only then your WEB CONTAINER can identify and run your web app accordingly..
14 years ago
In the ACTION attribute of FORM TAG you are supposed to use only the name mentioned in the <URL-MAPPING> of the WEB.XML file
That is

Also make sure in the ACTION attribute you give something like this

14 years ago
I presume you're confused with the difference between "class level", "static" & "getter & setters".
If you declare your method to be static, then you can use the method in another class without the need of creating any instance for it.

A static variable can also be accessed in the same way.
Getter & Setters methods are basically used for private variables to be used in another class using the methods and not the variables as such.
Hope it helps!
14 years ago
Ok. So you meant to say something like this right?

14 years ago
Very basic question:

I'm trying to get input from the user in an array (in a method) using 'for' loop construct

sample[count] & sampleStr[count] are instance variables that I declare in the beginning

1. My doubt is can we use BufferedReader to get input in an array or is there any other efficient way?
2. How to convert string[] to int[]?
14 years ago
Can a overriden method or function overload??
Hey thanks a lot all of you .. Well it was about UI using file concept. It was a block and as Ulf said I iterated it and removed unusual values and identfied files which beginswith the name XSMCE. Thanks again!!
15 years ago