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Recent posts by Yaroslav Ashurin

Hello Cay,

Question: does your book demystify the nature of "this" keyword in JS ? I came from the Java world, and now struggle to wrap my mind about this conception. While Java's "this" feels natural and straightforward to me, JS's "this", as I learned from various Medium articles, might have different meanings depending on "environment" or something...
I'm both new to JS and impatient (well, who is not these days?), and love paper books. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the draw.

Take care,
Dear Anne and Zak,
Does the book cover Mobile First approach best practices? I'm currently using Bootstrap which gets the job pretty much done, but for some reason my potential employer is interested in my ability to author web pages without relying on any popular frameworks. I agree there is lots of info on that topic around internet, but it would be nice to have a paperback reference handy.
Dear authors,

I have just finished the jQuery introductory course at one of the online learning platforms, and I enjoyed the simplicity of DOM traversing and, dare I say, the isolation from JS (my bad, I have never been very fond of this language). The only thing the online course was missing is real life examples of power of jQuery.
Question is: does your book have examples of real jQuery applications found "in the wild", or the book is more a sort of reference material ?

Thank you.

Martin Evans wrote:Yes you should be able to make your own metronome.

The figure on the front of the book is taken from a 19th-century edition of Sylvain Marechal's four volume compedium of regional dress costumes published in France and is entitled "Travailleur de deplacement" which means an itinerant laborer.

Great! Thanks.
I'm sure "blinking LED" and "tic-toc-tic-ing loudspeaker" should be driven by similar hardware and logic burned into the chip. Will figure out how to vary the tempo. That would be nice to have the Uno play "When the levee breaks" intro of John Bonham.

To Bear:
The one-star reviewer must be just kidding.

Yeah I agree the book should be realy cool; "Hibernate in Action" from Manning helped me once to get a grasp of hibernation, so I presume "Arduino in Action" should work, too.
Just like you, I used to play with Ohm's law in my childhood; not an electronics kit, though: I had stripped surplus boards and handful of resistors and capacitors and stuff. DIY worm is still crawling in my brain.
11 years ago
Welcome, dear "Arduino in Action" authors!

I'm planning to purchase two Uno boards (one for myself, another for my son), and the "Arduino in Action" book just what the good doctor ordered. Hopefully it covers very basics to start smoothly.
A couple of questions to authors:

1) Being an amateur musician, I'm wondering am I going to be able to build a fancy metronome out of the Arduino Uno board for practicing purposes? I've got a software metronome on my PC which is pretty unstable, and a metronome installed on the iPod is battery hungry, so I decided to build my own ticking device. I might just go and buy Casio or whatever metronome from the local store, but that's boring.

2) Who is on the Book cover? A vagabond, I guess?

Thank you, gentlemen.
11 years ago
Thank you, Deepak.
Indeed, there is no such button on my screen. Have to contact Sun.
Dear All,
Upon completion of exam Sun sends a no-answer message which says: "Please logon to CertManager at http://www.certmanager.net/sun. You can use this site to download logos...". OK, I logged in, but still can't figure out what logos they are talking about and how to get them. Could you please advise how to download the logos? Thank you.
Thank you guys, it's time to get liquered up
15 years ago
Have cleared SCJP 5 with 90% result. Thanks for help!
15 years ago

Thanks to Roota for clear explanation of the Set problem; I've asked same question in the Beginners forum here: https://coderanch.com/t/410931/java/java/Duplicates-Set , and now I got the picture.
Done. Thanks.
16 years ago
I tried HashSet, TreeSet and LinkedHashSet- all of them lead to the same result: ghost entry after one at a time removal. Only iteration order changes from implementation to implementation. Literally, after removal System.out.print(set) brings {}, nothing in the brakets, and set.size() is allways 1, not zero. Frankly, I'm still not getting it... If Set's behavor is not predictable, how I would give a correct answer at scjp exam if such a question appears?
Anyway, thank you all for helping me to understand.
16 years ago

sure I read the note in API, and still can't figure out what's going on in the set. When you try to delete all the items one at a time like this:


the set does not get empty, there is kinda "ghoast" element left behind, that is set.size() returns 1, not zero, after removal of all the items. Could you please explain it? Thank you so much.
16 years ago
Dear All,
I'm missing something. Please consider the situation:

import java.util.*;

class ASet {

public static void main(String[] args) {

Set<Drink> set = new HashSet<Drink>();

Drink one = new Drink("Soda");

Drink two = new Drink("Tonic");

Drink three = new Drink("Vodka");




System.out.println(set); // printed {Soda, Tonic, Vodka}, no problem

one.name = "Vodka";

System.out.println(set); // printed {Tonic, Vodka, Vodka} Duplicates?

} //end main

} //end class

And Drink class overrides equals(), hashCode() and toString() this way:

class Drink {

String name;

public int hashCode() {

return name.hashCode(); // since String overrides the hashCode()


public boolean equals(Object drink) {

return name.equals((Drink)drink.name);


public String toString() {

return name;



Question is: how it's possible to have entries in a Set that look identical? Thank you.
16 years ago