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ankit kumar

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Recent posts by ankit kumar

Himai Minh wrote:The two reference books are a good start for those who are not familiar with web services.

I took an online 6 weeks web service course from the extension department of University of California, Irvine. It costs $650 US dollars. This online class gave me some basic hand-on experience about web services (SOAP and JAX-RS, SOA, use of SOAP UI). It may not be directly related to the exam. But I learned the basics about web services from this course.

You may want to download Ivan's version 5 of the 411 pages of exam study guide at Pay close attention to chapter 8-12 of the notes. The information is helpful.

You also need to be aware that questions from version 5 may appear in this exam. For example, you may need to know web service cache (in Ivan's notes) for this exam.
You may also need to read J2EE 5 tutorial's JAXB. Even though webservices.xml (covered in Ivan's notes) are not on the exam objective, you may still need to know what it is and what it contains.
Try to Google search for the difference between StAX and SAX.

Last but not least, I highly recommended Ethuware ($30) and EPractice Labs ($40) mock exams. These are very helpful for you to pass the exam.

In the exam, you may see some questions that you are not quite sure. All you can do is to eliminate those options that you feel they don't make sense.

Good luck.

Thanks a lot for your valuable inputs.
I am preparing for OCEWSD 6 .
Currently I am reading the following books.

1. Java restful web services (Oreilly)
2. java web services up and running.

does these books are sufficient with MZ study material for 1Z0-897.

ankit kumar
I have done SCWCD5 . Do i have to clear PART -1 again ?
congrates man . can you tell me the path of your success?
12 years ago
congrates man . can you tell me the path of your success?
12 years ago

michael yue wrote:Hi,
Just a simple question. How do you define the lookup string below?
Is the default structure like YourSuperbEJB/remote ?
What if I have different application ear with similar ejb names?


YourSuperbEJB is your @Stateless(name = "YourSuperbEJB ") which you write in your bean implementing class. And remote is that you are calling it on the remote , if you are on local you can write "YourSuperbEJB/local" ..

please correct me if I am wrong ..

I am trying to validate the basic login form using MulticActionController. I am new to spring . Please any one have some idea how to validate login form with MulticActionController.

Thanks in Advance.
12 years ago
Thanks for your replying. one more thing I want to ask from which book I have to start ??

thanks In advance..

I have bought one book but by mistaken I got ejb2.0. Is it good that first read ejb2.0 and after completing this go for ejb3.0? Will it help me because i want to give SCBCD (EJB3.0) certification.