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BASIC, FORM and CLIENT-CERT supported by all browsers

Read this
Sorry to hear it. Try and you will be sucess.
11 years ago
I really feel that you could have tried this piece of code. As far as i know it should be D)
Please do not ask it is worth or not. It is worth for you. Reading and writing exam always worth.
Whichever book in the SCWCD links but reading a spec once MUST

I have also given why it will fail practically.

Please correct me too.

Hi Chaminda ,

I am not lazy. I am really sorry. I was finding better book.

Reason behind is

If a JSP is properly compiled then these declarations goes in to _jspService as we all know this.

eg., NAMEs are different
<jsp:useBean id="piggy" class="pancakes.RealBean" />
<jsp:useBean id="mypiggy" type="pancakes.AbstractBean" />

then two variables are declared inside this service method
pancakes.RealBean piggy = null
if( piggy is null ) then create object

NAMES are same
then as JAVA standarad you cannot have same names anywhere
piggy will be declared twice and that is the reason translation error.

i hope i am clear
All set attributes are called before doTag
Please let me know which one is much prefer book to buy

Debu Panda book (or) Oreilly book

is there any study guide like Head first
Thanks a lot for your help. I am moving on to the next stage of help from you guys. probably SCEA or SCBCD
11 years ago
param is kind of query string for GET and form parameters for POST

requestScope is the attributes in request
yes please read it because C:set target you can get clear picture on spec.
it is better to be ready. atleast basic ones

like you can check in Jothi SCWCD hints.

100. 200. 300, 301, 302, 400, 403, 404, 500, 501, 503
Tag Handlers are thread safe because
everytime you call simple tags they create new instance.
every time you call classic tags they get it from the pool of instances.

but important in classic tags we have to reset the instance variables in the doStartTag method.