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SaurabhSri Sri

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Recent posts by SaurabhSri Sri

Hi Everyone,

I am extremely happy to announce that I have passed SCJP 5.0 with 86 %.

Thanks a lot to k&B for such a nice book.

Thanks to all ranchers. Whenever I had any doubts I have checked on this forum and found the solution with details.

Many Congratulations both of you ..
9 years ago
Thanks a lot for your replies.
Well I am looking for 1.6 Mock test, but could not get on the net. I have practiced lot mock test of 1.5 and I am comfortable with SCJP1.5 but not with 1.6. If you have any link in your knowledge which provides any mock test of 1.6 then please share.

Hi Everyone,
I have decided to give SCJP1.6 Exam. Can anyone suggest me how to prepare? I already gone through Kathy sierra1.6 Book as well as some mock test of java1.5. I haven't found any practice material for Java1.6.
If anyone have any idea, please share.

Thanks a lot
Hi All,

Can anyone explain, what should we specify in "docbase" attribute of context tag? I am trying to set Solr home and not able to understand -

Thanks a lot for any help.
9 years ago
Hi Everyone,

Can anyone help me to understand the significance of Fatal Error. What I understand, it could come in a hardware crash or could be out of memory, conditions when application could not continue. But, at any hardware crash how log4j would able to log Fatal errors, because application will stop? What is the significance of saying log.fatal("Severe Error")?

Thanks for any help.
Hi Saurabh,

What conversion pattern are you using? Your logger will look into the NDC stack when it found %x in the conversion pattern.

Hi All,

I hae a need of a Unix shell script which prompt me to input "From" and "To" date (dd/mm/yyyy) format. When I press enter it should print all the file names modified between given dates. e.g.
Consider following list of files in a particular directory –

File Name Date Modified (dd/mm/yyyy)

a.txt 12/01/2009
b.txt 11/01/2009
c.txt 10/01/2009
d.txt 09/01/2009
e.txt 08/01/2009
f.txt 07/01/2009
g.txt 06/01/2009
h.txt 05/01/2009

If I input From date = 06/01/2009 And To date = 09/01/2009, Then output should be -


Thanks a lot For any help.
9 years ago
Hi Bear,

It is not possible for us to use jQuery just for this problem because, it's a huge project and some internal framwork is already in use.

If I use a simple alert -

It is giving me maxlength for all the textfields. For the textfields having maxlength not given, the alert is showing some long
no. 2147483647.

Hi Everyone,

It means we don't have any way to find this.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your reply. The thing is, how would I come to know which field is having maxlength defined. If I am using something like below, the loop is running for all textfields -

Any suggetion?
Hi All,

I have 5 text fields in a HTML form. A maxlength value is given on three of them. In javascript method I want to get all the fields for which a maxlength is given. So, in this case the loop should run 3 times.

Thanks a Lot.
[ December 19, 2008: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
Hi All,

I have a hidden field in a XSL.

<input type = 'hidden' name = 'request'>

I just want to use the value of this field inside if condition in XSL -

<xsl:if test="request='abc'"> //Not working. Also $request is not working
<�. Code �>

Thanks a Lot.
Hi All,

I want a method to remove all zero after decimal place. For example -
remZero(100.00) should return 100
remZero(100.0037) should return 100.0037
remZero(100.3700) should return 100.37

Any help would really appriciated.

First, I have not found the apropriate place for this post, please move wherever it would fit.
I am using jintegra to get the NT user id and password for some authentication. In same network for some systems its working fine but for some systems its not. Following code giving blank value for some systems.

userDomain = com.linar.jintegra.AuthInfo.getCallerDomain();
user = com.linar.jintegra.AuthInfo.getCallerUser();

I am not able to understand the root cause. Any help would greatly appriciated.
9 years ago