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sudheer raj

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since May 05, 2008
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Recent posts by sudheer raj


I am trying to open a child window from a window based on the action performed in main window.
Child window is getting created, but noting is displayed in it.
When we increase the size of the child window, then it gets displayed.
Pls. Help me as soon as possible.
Its very urgent

Thanking you
13 years ago
I dont think i have any plugin
I can just write the servlet code or jsp code in eclipse
Now after writting that code
I dont know how to compile it or run it on weblogic server
Kindly help me in doing it
Just tell me how to run a simple servlet or jsp
13 years ago

I have weblogicserver installed in my pc.
I also have eclipse 5.5.1
But i dont know how to compile servlets n jsp
I m new to working with servers
Kindly help me in doin it
13 years ago
Thank you RobPrime.
Now its getting displayed properly
And even its getting printed from the program

Thanks a lot
13 years ago
so instead of \n if i use \r\n then will it open properly in the notepad?
one more thing now i want to print this file
while specifying the docflavor which one should i use
whether it is docflavor.INPUT_STREAM.TEXT_PLAIN or wat??
13 years ago
char buff[]=new char[str.length()];
File f1=new File("/logs","temp.txt");

FileWriter fo=new FileWriter(f1);

}catch(IOException ioe){


This way i created the file.
13 years ago
I have created a text file using FileWriter.
I can see it properly when i open it with MS-Word,but when i try to open it with notepad or wordpad.
It is not displayed properly.
To print this file, which docflavor should i use?
Whether it is docflavor.INPUT_STREAM.TEXT_PLAIN or wat???
13 years ago