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Recent posts by deepti bellubbi

If you are writing your own implementation for learning purposes, consider the data structure. A map would let you segment the list so you don't have to loop through the whole thing each time.

Could you please elaborate, I did not quite understand that.

No I don't intend to do db access in JSP.

What I have in mind is.. fetch all usernames from the db , it will be cached. Then every time the the user enters something in the username textfield..I will invoke another method which will iterate over the cached result and find usernames that start with those alphabets (simple string operations).
I can periodically refresh the cache..say every 3-4 hours or so.

Do you think its a good approach or would you suggest some changes?


Thanks Eric.

Could you please point me to some examples where the data comes from database. I tried to find some myself however fins most examples with local arrays.
I am trying to implement this using JSP.


I need to show a search page with one textfield which shows the User name. Instead of making him type the entire thing,I want to get the username from the database. The total number of records will be around 2000-3000.
I was thinking of having AJAX autocomplete feature here so that the user doesn't have to type in the entire username and hence avoids spelling mistakes,
also it would look cool :-)
Question is, is it a good idea to implement this..performance wise?

I was checking the examples of Ajax autocomplete and understand that at first we need to get the entire data on server side and then as the user starts
typing the username, we can pass this value to a method which will iterate over the dataset and find matches.

Appreciate your inputs

I have been reading up on coding practices that could cause memory leaks and one of them is using static variables or classes,
Since they will remain for lifetime of the application.

Question that comes to my mind is that:- usually when we define a constants file its mostly a class and all the strings are defined as :
public static final String ABC="Constant1";

Now another way of defining the same string as a constant would be to have an interface and within the interface you define

String ABC="Constant1";

Would using an interface to define constants rather than have a class with static definitions make any difference in concerns with memory saving?

Appreciate all your inputs

9 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:You can't cache the page, but you can cache the data for the DB calls. This should happen in your data access layer, not in your presentation layer.

If you want the whole page to be cacheable, including the dropdown values, don't use Ajax.

Thanks ...also could you please elaborate that when we implement JSP caching.. what exactly is cached.. actually its a bit of confusion as to what is the difference between precompiled jsp and cached jsp?

thanks again!
9 years ago
I have a doubt.. please clarify..
if I have a page with many drop-downs and each is being populated with Ajax calls from db, how can I cache the page so that everytime the combo-boxes need not require calls to db..but can access the cache?

Thanks in advance

9 years ago
Even initially I had the same problem,i would suggest just keep reading the chapters from HFSJ..I am sure you should be good to go!

My HFSJ2 score was 60%
hi all
finally i have cleared the exam with 94%.
I would like to thank all fellow ranchers and ofcourse the people behind HFSJ,Enthuware and Mr. Peabody for his wonderful notes.

Here's my story:
I have 1.5 years of experience and had mainly worked on maintainence and enhancement projects with Core Java and EJB. After marriage I had to relocate and finding a new job here became very difficult for me because everyone needed jsp/servlet skills. I could not believe that my 1.5 yrs exp was not at all helping. After failing a couple of interviews I finally decided to do this certification to make up for my Servlet,JSP skills.
I studied for about 1.5 month and my material included HFSJ,Guide my Hanumant Deskhmukh and JSP/Servlet specs.
Once I felt a bit confident I took mock, marcus green,JDiscuss. I bought Enthuware and score around 81-93 in th 8 exams. Yesterday, I finally took the coffee cram exam from HFSJ2 but failed ..

For all fellow ranchers who are still preparing I would suggest please go through JDiscuss and J2EECertificate sites and do buy the enthuware kit. They provide a lot of varaiety of questions and to my surprise I actually found 2-3 questions almost identical to those on these sites.
The exam questions werenot very difficult although sometimes the options were too close. Design pattern questions were very confusing..although I scored 100% there.
Well thats all from my side now. Will keep coming back to this site time & again.(This is actually my homepage!!)

Now I will get back to my job hunting, hopefully should find one soon now.

Which of the following are standard techniques for providing a sense of state" to HTTP?
Select 3.

2.URL rewriting
3.SSL sessions
5.Http is already a stateful protocol.

answers given are: 1,2,3.

But my doubt is that SSL sessions are used with HTTPS protocol then how can option 3 be correct?

Thank you so much. I really appreciate you taking time to help me.

Thank you
yes and they say it will take around 72 hours to resolve the issue ..but I am running short of time
I tried to buy the enthuware scwcd5.0 set yesterday, however the order did not get completed. I am not sure if I should buy it again because the mail that I recieved suggested I should wait for 72 hrs till they resolve the issue. My problem is that I have booked my exam date on 22nd and have no time to wait. Please if someone could suggest what I could do

Did this happen to anyone else too?
Can someone please give the links for the mock exam errata for HFSJ 1.4 and 1.5?