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I have an signed applet that tries to run ipconfig/all on user system to get the unique macAddress from the client machine

but each time I try to run it it throws the folling exception -

I tried to google the issue but it says that I need to set policy file in bb-manifest.xml. Where do i need to define this file & how would my applet gain refernce to policy from bb-manifest.xml
6 years ago

7 years ago
this is a specific business requirement for which I need hardwareaddress.
thats why i posted the code.
7 years ago

I'm using the follwoing code and calling it in an applet. It used to work completely fine when I used with browser with JRE 6 Update 21. However, the code is now returning null for all browsers that support JRE 6 Update 22. Here is the code -

7 years ago
Could you please throw some more light programatically on how to get this done. Thanks !
8 years ago
I have embeded an Applet in my JSP Page which used JDK1.6's getHardwareAddress() method to get user's physical address.
I have embeeded this into a JAR file and used it in my JSP where this applet run on onload() event of the form --> runs the applet --> and gets physical address of user machine and prints it in one of the text boxes on the form.

Now, the issue is that the applet doesn't run on browser that doesn't support JRE 1.6

My concern is that how can I run this (if at all possible) in browsers that support lower versions of JRE or is it possible to check that if the browser doesn't support JRE 1.6 then load the basic version of form without running the applet. Can i actually check the version of browser JRE somehow and stop to execute the applet. Because what happens as of now is that if the applet doesn't execute, the complete form fails to load.

The last option is that I give a message on my web page that redirects user to Sun Java site and asks them to update their browsers.
8 years ago
How can i send Japanese characters which a user types in one of the input boxes of the JSP page to the Servlet.
When I do System.out.println of the value of the input box in the Servlet code(java class), it prints ???
8 years ago
I have this Java Mail embedded in a servlet which is called upon submission of a JSP form which consolidates all the inputs from the user in a mail and mails them to me. Now, I want to allow user to enter Japanese characters in the inut boxes So those Japanese characters should get mailed to me too.

But this is other part of the story. Even if i try to hardcode anything in the mailer Body content, it returns a mail to me which has all ??? wherever I hardcode Japanese characters
8 years ago
I have been using the following code in my program to send mail in English -

But, now I have a requirement to send Japanese characters in mail.
I tried to google alot but couldn't find a viable solution.
Can anyone assist me with the code (if possible)

When I try to harcode Japanese Characters ino Subject & Content Line, the mails outputs ??? in place of all the Japanese chractersets. Like this -

message.setContent("定されていないシステム", "text/html");

I also tried using the code given at :

But this code throws me an exception stating :

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: new_CkMailMan
at com.chilkatsoft.chilkatJNI.new_CkMailMan(Native Method)
8 years ago
after changing it to -

I am getting the following error -

9 years ago

I have a method that returns arrayList which stores a List of Country names from Database using Session Bean. Please see the code below -

Now, I have given the definition for this java class file in faces-config.xml and now how best can I call this list in my JSF - JSP Page ?

I know we can call this Array List in DataTable but then I can't embedd DataTable tags in selectOneListbox because that would give each country in seperate combo boxes. So, if there are 110 countries , it lists each country in 110 seperate combo boxes.

So, I devised this way of calling -

But this also doesnt seem to be viable solution because there is now way of calling index values in value tag and I can't keep on writting seperate selectItem for all Countries.

Please tell me that how best can I call the Array List of Values in Select One List Box ?
9 years ago
This is kind of tough to understand this way.. Can you give me some link of working example to explain the same
I have four radio options and one combo box in my form.

Radio Option 1
Radio Option 10
Radio Option 20
Radio Option 30

What I want is that if i select Radio Option 1, then the combox box should get populated with values 1 through 9. Similarly if i select Radio Option 20, the combo box populates with values 10 through 19 and so on.

How can i achieve this in HTML using Javascript ? Please assist me with the code.
I have a JSP Page in which I have 2 input fields -
First one for entering email address and second one for Re-Entering email address.

Now, my query is that i don't want user to cut / copy email address from one box and paste it onto another box. For this I have used JavaScript to clock ctrl+X,V,C and right clicks etc..

But my question is that is there a way to disable Cut & Paste options from browsers 'EDIT' Menu.

If not then how can i block mouse selection from Input fields, that is disallow users to select what they typed in Input Box.
if thats a case with intranet settings how can i set them up because intranet setting may be applicable for whole company
9 years ago