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Can Applet connect to EJB tier using SSL?. If yes then what setting I need to do in Container?.
22 years ago
Congratualtion. GoodLuck for Part II and III.
Questions are based on ejb 1.1
John's note for Common Architecture is enough. Mainly you need to be clear about what affects what..
e.g If you want more Flexibility then that affects Managebility ...
if you read John's note and If you think about that then that should be enough.
I read first 4 chapter of Orielly and I read Some other material from Sun's site. I also read John's note for EJB.
Orielly book is enough but please give full attention in understanding Container work.
Questions were really tricky, If you read John's note and First 4 chapter for Orielly than that should be enough.
Jignesh Shah
I read common architecture and legacy connectivity from John's note and some other material but John's note is enough. For preparation I took on average 2 hours per day for 1 month.
I did some work on EJB at home but I don't think its required for Part I.
Jignesh Shah
First I replied yr answer in wrong post Anyway you are getting error because there is a dot after that URL. Try this
[ July 29, 2007: Message edited by: Marilyn de Queiroz ]
I read everything. But I think if u don't have more time then atleast read ClassLoader. That concept will be helpful in some security questions.
I am really not good in Design. So to make my basics clear I am using "Applying UML and Patterns" by Craig Larman. I started reading it and It seems this is good book.
And I read all old posts and people are suggesting that Pet Store sample is good to review. So I am planning to do that too. But whoever passed PartII will be better source for the answer.
Does anyone wanna suggest best way to approach part II?.
Thanks everybody. Thanks Vivek. In one of yr post there was link for security topic and that helped me to get confidence for security.

For the people who are not sure about how classloader works. They should read

For me thats was really helpful to clear doubts about some java security issues.

Repaired the link---Carl

[This message has been edited by Carl Trusiak (edited September 12, 2001).]
[ July 29, 2007: Message edited by: Marilyn de Queiroz ]
After the exam, you can access your test history from galton.com
By default sun keeps yr SSN as yr Login Id. And when you surf that site, It uses yr SSN/ Login Id in Session Id. And I think thats not good thing. They shouldn't use our SSN in Session Id.
Am I right?.
You will find that in John's note
[ July 29, 2007: Message edited by: Marilyn de Queiroz ]
I did read Java World article related to JMS but John's note is enough for JMS. Basically u need to be clear about synchronous, asynch.., ptp and publisher/subscriber messaging.
Some people thinks that John's note is enough for the exam. But after giving exam I like to say that "Its not enough". If you read more detail then only you will be able to give answers in the exam. John's note is for those who has already knowledge of EJB / Design Pattern / Security ...
I think John , Amanda and some other already mentioned that.
That note is for revision not for the preparation. Let me know if anybody is not agree.