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Recent posts by Jack Crifer

My English is poor.

It's a spell error.

I'm very very sorry~!
Thank you for your explanation.

and thank you for correctting my fault.
Hi , gays.

I am doubt about that why 4.0 == 4.0f return ture , and 4.1 == 4.1f return flase

Best Regards.

The output as follows:


Becase that every digit was used as a delimiter, and that contiguous digits created an empty token. But WHY . as a metal delimiter DO NOT created any empty token?

and Byte b = new Byte(2); is complie error too.

who can explian it .

When the int is -128 to 127,the compiler will treat it as an byte. Just like code in line 1 is OK,but why line 2 is complie error?
Thank you!

Best Regards.
I don't know what different about the args(something and "something") of String in main method.

and I make some codes.

the sorce code in G:\Java\chapter8\Testar.java
and when I type this java Testar \d*,the output is
Dos Here.reg and DS V are two files of eight in my G:\

Best Regards.
[ July 04, 2008: Message edited by: Jack Crifer ]
K&B book for 6.0 has been published on June 12th
Thank you,Freeman.

Best Regards!
Hi, gays.

where I can get the sun's test.

Thank you!
Russell, Thank you for your explanation.

Best Regard.

I have a question about ? super

A is a superclass of B ,in line2 why I cann't add A to l2?

Best Regards!

In order to save memory, two instances of the
following wrapper objects will always be == when their primitive values are the same:
* Boolean
* Byte
* Character from \u0000 to \u007f (7f is 127 in decimal)
* Short and Integer from -128 to 127

I tested Long from -128 to 127 is return TRUE when ==.
O,thanks .
I think I got it,the char cast to the int.