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Recent posts by Rama Ghanta

MagicDraw ULM Community Edition, free and easy to use. I was able to make gif's of all the diagrams and inserted them in HTML page. Worked like charm
Hello Ranchers,
I recently uploaded the part 2 assignment, but I'm not sure if it went through or not. My file is about 2.5megs and it took less that 10sec to upload, so I'm kinda concerned. Is there anyway to confirm?

Thank you
Rama Z
Hello Ranchers,
I'm confused on what to show and what not to in the class diagram. In general my architecture has the following classes
1. JPA Entities, Session Beans, MDB's
2. EAO's - Entity Access Objects
3. Session Facades
4. Business Delegates
5. JSF Backing Beans
6. Helper Classes

Can we have more than one class diagram, one for each tier?
Thanks for help
Rama Zha
Hi Ranchers,
If I implement the Shopping Cart as a Stateful Session Bean then every time the customer requests the details of the cart do I need to send all the information in the cart from business tier to web tier? Does HTTPSession scale better than the SFSB? My architecture doesn't need thick clients.

The SL-425 manual(Architecting J2EE Applications) suggests always use SFSB for maintaing client side session and for high scalability.

Thank you
Rama Zha
I'm using Java EE 5.
Does that mean use DI from the managed bean?
Do we call the SessionFacades from the JSF Managed Bean or is it a better to delegate this functionality to BusinessDelegate and ServiceLocator. One other option would be to have a managed Business Delegate class, in that case we don't need a serviceLocator.

What would be the best practice in this situation

Thank you
Rama Zha
Cameron, Thank you for the reply.
So having the shopping cart as a stateless session bean and maintaining the state with HTTPSession on the web-tier is a valid implementation? The EJB spec says to implement the shopping cart as a StatefulBean. The Java Petstore reference implementation 1.1 has the same logic. I don't have any handson with either technology, I'm just following the literature from Core Patterns and EJB Spec.

I have a business delegate and a service locator in my design. Now that I can use DI, I was thinking of just using JSF Backing bean instead of a Business Delegate.
[ September 07, 2008: Message edited by: Rama Zha ]
Hello Ranchers,
Can we call a stateless session bean from a StatefulBean. I want to implement my DAO (EAO) as a stateless bean and shopping cart is a stateful bean. Can we use DI to inject stalessBean in Stateful. Please let me know if this architecture makes sense.

Rama Zha
[ September 06, 2008: Message edited by: Rama Zha ]
Yes, this book is a must have SCEA 5. Useful for both Part I and II.

Originally posted by jeff mutonho:
Core J2EE Patterns: Best Practices and Design Strategies (2nd Edition) (Sun Core Series) by Deepak Alur , Dan Malks , John Crupi

[ September 06, 2008: Message edited by: jeff mutonho ]

The "Check Availability module" needs to send a message to the manufacturer about the availability of the product. The manufacturer responds with a number.

Now since the manufacturer uses JMS interface, should my local inventory use MDB's to consume the message from the manufacturer? can this MDB also send a message requesting the availability of the product?

Honestly, I am very confused!!

Rama Zha

Originally posted by wang andrew:
here are some of my understandings:

"My application's inventory system keeps track of all the products", this is about the local inventory , which manages all the products in stock. so this local inventory is used for "check availability of products".

we will only need to send JMS order message to Manufacturer's inventory system when number of the product in local inventory reach below certain threshold, which could be done either manually through separate jsp or automatically through some daemon or other mechanism. I don't think manufacturer's system will send update message to client's system .

Hello Ranchers
I am working on Part II, below is my concern on JMS

"My application's inventory system keeps track of all the products. Now the actual manufacturer of the products has a inventory system that uses industry standard interface based on JMS. My application has to get automatic updates on the availability of products"

Should my app be using MDB's to receive updates from the manufacturer?

Thank you
Rama Zha
Hi Vijaya,
Security - If you have time, then go through core security patterns chapters 1 through 4
Integration - JCA chapter from McGrawHill study guide will do
Messaging - Message Driven Beans chapter from EJB in Action
Applicability of Java EE Technology - This is really a wide topic, I didn't read anything specific to objective. But the books I mentioned above like SOA using Java WS, EJB in Action and even the core J2EE patterns talk about applicability of technology.

Use "J2EE WebServices" only if you're not familiary with the technology, else just use the "SOA using Java WS"
Thank you.
Rama Zha

Originally posted by Vijaya Raghava:
Hello Ram,

Thank you very much for suggesting some books for SCEA part-1. I really scared about the syllabi of SCEA-1 as i am unable to found the reference books.

Apart from the books you suggested for SCEA part 1, should we need to refer any other books, if so please advise. I am pretty much worried about the objectives 8(security), 3(Integration and Messaging) and 6(Applicability of Java EE technology) as there are lot many books to refer to cover these objectives. Please advise me how you approached these objectives.

And one more query for Objective 6, should we just need 1-7 chapters of Richard Manson Haffel's J2EE Web Services? or we need to cover the entire book for SCEA part 1. Please advise.

Thank you very much,
Vijaya Raghava

12 years ago
Hello Ranchers,
I have never used Rational Rose, but have access to the Professional J Edition. Is that any good for part II?

Thank you
Rama Zha
Are there any recommended books for Part II?

Thank you
Rama Zha