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Recent posts by Lann Lu

Thank you guys!

I sent an email to a couple of days ago, still no response.

I don't know what is going on.

Anybody has recently contact them? Or has any phone number?

Many thanks
Hi, Guys,

I uploaded the jar (size<400k) file for SCEA part 2 assignment a couple of months ago, I got an error. I immediately sent the email to; they told me jar is successfully received.

But when I finished part3, I was graded "F", in the comment field, the accessor asked me to re-upload the jar file since the jar file is corrupted. Therefore I tried to contact to grant me re-upload permission.

No response. I have been contacting them for a few weeks.

Anybody helps me with an approach to reach them?

Thanks in advance!

srees Nivas wrote:

Lann Lu wrote:And I sent 3 email. No reply.
Anybody knows any number I can contact Sun or test center?


Hi Lann Lu,

Here is the Sun training # 800-422-8020, this may be helpful for you.

Prometric contact numbers:

Asia Pacific :

When I had problems related to assignment upload permissions, I think I contacted either above mentioned sun number or 800-853-6769 (America).

Best regards,

Hi, Sri.,

Thanks a lot for your help! I really appreciate it.

Best Regards,

pratap venkata naga yelugula wrote:Hi Lu,
Did you check with Jar file size properly.May be More than required (approx 1 MB) or Not.
I have read one of our previous posts generated by Ranchers.Please check those posts i tried but i am failed to find in which post our friends posted
regarding size and upload information.


Hi, Prathap,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

My jar file was not big (< 400K)

And I sent 3 email. No reply.
Anybody knows any number I can contact Sun or test center?

Hi, Guys,

Yesterday I was trying to upload my assignment for SCEA 5 part 2. The uploading was very slow and eventually timed out.
I tried to send email to, not response.

And my jar file was not big (< 400K)

Do you have idea what to do?

Thanks in advance!

I scored 78% in my first attempt.

Then make your target : CTO


Good work!

13 years ago
I very much agree with Jonathan!!!

1. I personally will use JSF + Facelet (or JSF 2.0)
2. What is WAF?


Hi, Eduardo,

Thanks for your comments.

Yes. I agree with you on the assumption about the dependency on the shipping method for shipping fee calculation. We can safely assume that this calculation logic is statically defined in Big Smokes Cigar system through lookup table(s) or configuration files, or other means. No need to make a call to shipping companies upon individual order. The major interaction with shipping companies is to post "completed" orders to them. This interaction should be asynchronous.

As for the "Availability Check", it is crucial. I don't think any messaging venders can provide this kind of SLA (like 5 seconds restriction) under high load. Also please remember for each "BIG" order it may need to invoke multiple third-party inventories. Moreover, there is no way to guarantee the number of availability is precise anyways. In my view there is no other option except an asynchronous approach.

Just my 2 cents,


Hi, Jonathan,

Not a problem, I was just curious.
Thanks again for helping me think through.

I totally agree with you. What you say here makes a lot of sense.
Actually I thought about this the same way as well, but wasn't that sure. The assumption is reasonable, therefore the products(not category) to manufacturer is many-to-one. This simplifies things. But remember it still stands that one Order may involve multiple manufacturers.

Btw, what makes you afraid of speaking out of my name, keep referring me as "other".

I got the same Big Smokes Cigar assignment, and here are some of my thoughts, they are half-formed, please correct me if I am wrong.

1. It is not mentioned that what kind of interface the Merchant Bank supports, I think the appropriate assumption could be
a)proprietary API (internet) or Webservice,
b) Proprietary security or SSL solution.
c) No global transaction is supported.
d) Synchronous mode

2. Since the interface with the third party manufactures is JMS, also system needs have high performance, therefore making a synchronous call to JMS provider (MOM), and wait until response comes back is not acceptable. What I am thinking now is the stock's Availability Check should be composed by 2 parts
Async part: there is independent thread which periodically poll third-party inventory system using JMS. We may or may not be able to use MDB. The result needs to be cached and shared somewhere.
Sync part: During the "Search for Cigars" and "Add Cigars to Cart" use cases, the "Stock Availibity" is checked using the result which is cached and shared previously. We may introduce a threshold to define how stale the information is.

3. A technical risk is there is no way to guarantee that the number of units available is accurate. There is no pessimistic like mechanism here, therefore there are always cases where payment is made through, but there is not stock eventually. We may need to consider how to reconcile this situation.

4. Related to point 3, there must be another interaction with third-party inventory logically, that is, after transaction is complete, the system need to update the inventory system to decrease the number of units available. Otherwise the "Check Availability" will never get correct number. I think this extra interaction can be performed asynchronously together with notifying shipping companies.

5. Based on the "Business Domain Model", the relationship b/w products and manufacturers are many-to-many. So generally speaking, a given product and be made by multiple manufacturers. This many-to-many relationship will complicate the "Check Availability". There may need some iteration logic like: if manufacturer A does have enough items, then go to manufacturer b... etc. Then it becomes even worse that one order may involves multiple third-party inventories (say 50 items from A, the other 50 items from B)

6. Login module is not mentioned, we can assume that a 'Login' use case is required. But we don't need to show it in diagrams since it is not the focus.

7. We may or may not store Credit Card information. I was wondering if the testers want to know how we handle storage of credit card in database and memory.

8. In order to resolve the design concern of system performance and availability requirement, the profiling module is required. Also MBean(s) may or may not be required the expose system's healthiness to enterprise monitoring tools like Control-M/Patrol etc.

9. In the "Pay for Cigars" use case, following activities are involved, we need to design how to handle transaction/recovery. Global transaction with email server and Merchant bank is not there.
a) Local database updating
b) Queuing message for stock system update (we may use Topic, instead of Queue)
c) Queuing message for shipping company notification (we may use Topic, instead of Queue)
d) Sending email
e) Payment call to Merchant Bank

Your thoughts are appreciated.