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Recent posts by JJ Walker

Prashant Purkar wrote:Hi ,

Its at the same page where you have link to upload the assignment.
or go to

Click on the test history on the left side.


thanks. I saw my SCEA in the certmanager website as "certified". So i guess i passed too

9 years ago
hi, where do you get to see your results ? thanks for any advise...
9 years ago

Ronald Wouters wrote:

it can take time up to 2 hrs to answer if you don't know the questions beforehand

I hope it doesn't take that long because the time limit is 90 minutes
Anyway thanks for your comments guys. I already got my voucher so I'll schedule the exam soon. Then it's only a matter of four to six weeks of stress

I think the time is limit is 2 hours 15 minutes. anyone can confirm?
the validation of the valid combination of inventory should be from the Stock Inventory and Management System.

Regarding the relation between House, Product and CompletedDesign, I am thinking House is the outcome after customer add all the component to it; Product is after the required feature(heating, plumbing) is added to the house, (may) including deriving the cost; and CompletedDesign is after customer select 1 or more product to form a final design, which is ready to be discussed with Sales Rep.

What do you think?

Would like to ask where to find readings on
- WS and WS security
- OMR and JPA
- What to memorize for Common Architecture ?
10 years ago