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Recent posts by Savyatha Reddy

Hi.. Iam using IBM websphere Studio Application Developer 5.1.2.. but when Iam trying to send a mail (JavaMail) iam getting the following error when executing.. compliling is done perfect..
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/mail/util/SharedByteArrayInputStream

what could be the reason behind this.. please help me on the same..
13 years ago
Hi iam really stuck at this point. please help me.
my requirement is that I have a text box and a hyper link in a html page. If user clicks on the hyperlink, the value of the text box given by the user must be send to the page in the hyperlink without actually submitting the form. How is this possible?
Hi Ranchers,
Iam planning to do a small project using Java, servlers and JSP on my own.. What could be the best web container and server to use for the development and deployment of this J2ee application?
so the attribute for c:url tag should be "value" and it is not "url". then which among the 4 options would be correct as all the 4 are using url attribure
I didnt have tried to execute the same.. In Whizlabs1.4 simulator, I faced with 2 questions relating to the same context as I mentioned. As answer for 1 question they had given Compilation error and as the answer for the other question, they had given Instantiation exception. So Iam confused..
When using "jsp:usebean", if the bean class does not have a public no arg constructor, then whicy type of error will occur? is it compilation error OR an instantiation exception?
Thanks in Advance
so, is the above code gives an output of "javabeat null" OR "null null"
Hi Ranchers,
I have purchased HSFJ ist edition and done reading with the book many a times and have given the Mock Exam present at the end of the book.
As there is no great difference between ist edition and 2nd edition of HSFJ, I would like to give ONY the Mock exam present in the 2nd edition. But, I cannot afford buying the whole book for Mock exam. So, some one please suggest me on this, if there is any other way to do the mock exam in the HSFJ 2nd edition without purchasing the whole book
Thank in Advance!
Could someone please tell me the precedence of operators in Expression Language
Thanks in Advance
Lucid expanation..
Very much grateful to you!
Hi Christophe Verre,
Thanks for the reply..
Now I have referred the spec and Iam clear abt the attibutes for the c ut tag.. but Iam still unable to distinguish escapeXML = true and escapeXML = false.. I understood that cross site hacking can be done by assigning false to escapeXML attribute.. Please illustrate how??
Thanks in advance!
Hi Ranchers..
Could someone please explain the c ut tag and its attributes especially attribute named "escapeXML" and what are the scenarios in which this attribute is used for..
Thanks in advance..
Thanks Ranchers.. Now, Iam very clear about the body-contents for tag files, simple tags and custom tags.. actually page-472 of HSFJ confused me..they shd have mentioned there itself that body-content "JSP" is only for custom tags.. then it would be nore clear..
Does Simple tags support body content "JSP" or not? Please clarify me..