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Recent posts by robson vargas

In Spring, you can use something like this:

13 years ago
This is the default behaviour for assertions. The left param is used to show the "got" message.

I think that you can use this method from Matcher interface:

13 years ago
Hi ranchers.

Im using mockito to build some unit tests, as the fallow code can show:

This tests work fine. But.. look the little change:

Then i got a big NullPointerException into my compare method, in the moment that the "getState" is invoked. (o1.checkAt(States.NONE).getState() )

So i ask you, why the "getState" work if its on the test scope but fail if its on the comparator scope ?

Thanks in adv.

13 years ago
Hello. You can search for J2EE Spider, it is a full project to generate code to j2ee applications (as a eclipse plugin).

Thanks, Satish. I prefer the second option. :-)
[ October 03, 2008: Message edited by: robson vargas ]
it is easy to understand. but you should know that: framework are a specific solution to a specific problem, and architeture are all skeleton of your project, strategy to across between layer/tiers, etc. Then we can resume that frameworks are helpers on an architeture, but is possible have an architeture less frameworks.

Sorry my english, i never was good with it.
called responsability of your objects. Sample:

LoginService, it�s a service dont an entity why it provide an service for your internal and EXTERNAL entitys.
Hello guy�s!

I need change an existent Java Project to a Java Web Project, which i should change in my project for the eclipse knows it as a JWP ?

[ September 29, 2008: Message edited by: robson vargas ]
Hello guy�s!

I need do a feature that have the mnemonic handler to the menus with Google Web ToolKit. But i dont found nothing in the documentation.

Sample: When the user press the "alt+a" key, the menu that starts with "a" is show..

Any idea?

Thanks a lot!
15 years ago
Because i should do calc with hours. ex:

plus(19:00, 10:00) i want = 29:00

minus(10:00, 7:00) i want 3:00

[ August 21, 2008: Message edited by: robson vargas ]
Hello There!

I did a test with Date Object, but now i be with a problem, is the following:

I have this code:

It show me: "1:10" but... i want a way that do show: 25:10

It�s possible?

Thanks ..
Hello there!

I use the old richfaces with jsf 1.1 and i cant update it. What�s happens: I Have a suggetionbox on a form and, when i tryng invoke a commandlink later of select an item from suggestionbox (onselect event), the action of commandlink dont call. Conflict between it and suggestionbox. A bug.

Someone have an idea to solve it? Or then, how i can call an action later select an item from suggestion....

15 years ago
Friend, so the commandlink generate a tag "<a>", it�s was possible only with manipulation of DOM, then i solve it:

Friends, i need change the value (that represents a commandlink) by javascript. So, i dont know! I try:

on onclick, i call the js function, sending your 'this'!

The function:

But, it dont work!

Any idea?

[ August 12, 2008: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]