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Recent posts by Priety Sharma


I need to find out the version of Spring in the project.
The project has a jar : spring-webmvc.jar

How can I do this.
I want to know if it is spring 2.0 or spring 3.0.
12 years ago
Hi Eric,

Thanks for tip.

I will be doing that henceforth.

Also, can Iuse href="" instead of href="#"
Hi Eric,

I tried that too.

Just as you have said in the post.
Still id gives problems in IE 9.

So I changed my html to the following:

I now take a decision to open a new window for the url passed to the script function in the function if the user chooses to proceed else I do nothing.
I now want to ask if its ok to have a blank value for href. i.e.

As earlier I tried to use

but when I right click on the browser after I have clicked on the link the browser title changes to #.
Hi ,

I am calling a function on the onclick of an anchor tag.
This function in turn calls the javascript confirm() function.
When I say cancel the confirm function returns false and nothing should happen.
When I click on OK the link should open in a new window.

This works in IE 8 but in IE 9 even though I click cancel it still opens the link.

My script function

How to stop this happening in IE 9.
How does one associate a Portlet with a JSP file.
13 years ago
I create a project in Eclipse by checking out a project from SVN.

Then I install WebLogic server 9.2

I then create a domain and then publish a project to it.

Is this the right way to create/configure a web project in Weblogic 9.2
13 years ago
Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the link on "double submit problem". That is very helpful link.
13 years ago
Hi Tom,

Thanks for the input.
Your help is really appreciated.
13 years ago
Hi Tom,

I am not using any plug in to deploy my application server.
I have added tomcat as my server through the server tab.
13 years ago
Hi All,

Thanks for the replies. They are a lot of help.

So now what I get is:
Browser makes a fresh request to the specified URL.
sendRedirect is mainly used to go to resources outside your application.
To return back to your application the only way is back button.

One doutb still: Why does one need to use sendRedirect for a resource internal to the application, why cant just a forward but used?
13 years ago
Hi Tom,

Thanks for the input.
I was asking that question cause I wanted to know the location from where eclipse will be able to find it when I run my application.
13 years ago

I am trying to create a struts 2.0 project in Eclipse.
So that I can create and test a simple action.

I have done the following steps so far.

1. Created a dynamic web project.
2. Right clicked on the project
Clicked Properties
In Java Build Path clicked the Libraries tab
Clicked on Add External Jars and added the following struts jars:

Now where do I add the struts.xml file.
13 years ago
Are the struts 2.x actions thread safe?
13 years ago

sendRedirect() is used in Java code to cause a transition to a new resource (page) under code control.

Since this resoucre is outside the web application.
Can the user return to the application from this resource?
I am still confused about the working of sendRedirect()
13 years ago
Using a sendRedirect one can forward a request to a resource outside the web server.

Why cant we give a simple link like "" instead of a sendRedirect, as anyways the control is going out of the application.

What is the exact reason for using a sendRedirect?
Is there any way control returns to our application?
13 years ago