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Recent posts by Tanya Rawat

WOW !!! This is an outstanding score.....
I think you can help me better now... :-)
WOW !!! This is an outstanding score.....
I think you can help me better now... :-)
Hello Everybody,
Could anyone give me clue for this issue. I have a tag XML like this:
<TemplateNode ID="1">
<Attr ID="1" Display="Table" />
<Attr ID="2" Display="Plot" />
<TemplateNode ID="2">
<Attr ID="1" Display="Table" />
<Document TemplateNodeID="1">
<Attr ID="1" />
<Attr ID="2" />
<Attr ID="3" />
<Item TemplateNodeID="2">There is XML for Table
inside this tag</Item>
There are multiple documents in the same XML and
program outputs the tables whose IDs match with the
ones given inside <TemplateNode ID="15"> and also the
IDs of the attributes in that table should match with
the ID given in <Attr ID="1" Display="Table" /> but at
the same time program has to check if the
@Display='Table' then display that attribute inside
Table otherwise plot a graph for this particular
Now since I'm using key to match the IDs but when I
try to use keys for Display also if the program finds
Display anywhere inside any tag it applies this key
for every condition. My question is how do I check
that if Display='Table' or Display='Plot' for that
particular Attr ID when looping is undergoing.
<xsl:for-each select="Attr[key('AttrID', @ID) and
key('Display', 'Table')]/Value">
The above way doesn't help.
If you mean by white space like in HTML & nbsp ; then in place of that in XSL it is & #xA0 ; please discard white spaces before and after nbsp and #xA0 between & and ; because if i write it correctly it is leaving white space and it could not be seen.

Hi Huang,
Though I myself never worked on it but would like to suggest you one link of IBM's website for Transforming XML into Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to convert documents into graphics.
There may be several other similar websites where you can find solution for your problem.
Good Luck !!
Great M !!
Many Thanks to Javaranch for this valuable gift and their valuable responses.
Hi Guys,
I'm posting a silly problem once again. Hope somebody will be able to give me some clue.
I'm posting XML as well as XSL files here with this message. All I need to do is to display Comparison Table for Quarterly Attribute Table differently from others but identifier (xsl:when and condition) doesn't work properly. My program shows all the tables.
There are TemplateNodeIDs on the top and matching all of them with the TemplateNodeIDs of tables in Documents, all three types of tables are compared.
Format of Comparison Quarterly Attribute Table should be like this:

XML file:

Thanks in advance
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Just to put my question again in the first page.....
I'm using jsp, xml and xsl on orion server to test XSL. But when i include a xsl file in another xsl i have to give the whole path in href even when all the files are in same directory, is there any way to get rid of it?
Thanks for your valuable support.
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