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Recent posts by shankhas sanyal

Hi all,
I need to implement multithreading concept in a piece of code that has single thread concept.

I have a class A that has a function called get makeReport that takes several inputs to fetch data from a DB and create a report.

In the current scenario everytime make report is called 1 thread is created.
How do I change the code so that everytime makeReport is called a new Thread is created ?

Many thanks for your help!


Claude Moore wrote:Good morning ranchers,

I need some advice from you... I just want to start learning Spring framework, but I'm not very comfortable with online tutorials, so I'm thinking about buying a good book covering last Spring release (i.e Spring 3.0).... but I'm a bit disoriented in choosing it...

Can you help me and suggest some titles ?


You can also try:
Spring Recipes A Problem Solution Approach 2nd Edition.
this book too covers spring 3
11 years ago
I assume you want to use eclipse with tomcat and integrate Spring MVC 3.

if you use Eclispe:
file -->new --> create dynamic web project
below you will see server right click add server
add your tomcat path

To get a proper tutorial on Spring MVC 3 go to vaannila or

Books i would recommend Spring Recipes and Spring in action

Happy Coding!!!
11 years ago
hi all
can anybody please point me in right direction of how to integrate redis database with spring mvc?
any help would really be appreciated.
thanks in advance!

11 years ago
i fixed it by putting

then showAlert() calls the dialog
My requirement:
I have a 4 text input fields that I want to implement autocomplete functionality. If the input does not match the dropdownlist, I want to put a button that will open a jquery modal form, that the user can enter the desired data which will update the list.

My problem:
I have put a button in the dropdownlist when the input does not match. When its clicked, nothing happens, and html code for the button gets populated in the input field.

Where am i going wrong? Can you please help me? My code is given below.

1. index.jsp

2. getdata.jsp

3. my bean: AutoCompleteBean


hi all
i am very new to Spring MVC. I am facing a bit of a problem and cannot understand why it isn't working. that is why i have come here to share my problem with all of you. i have made a very basic login app using Spring MVC. i am trying to compare the data entered through a form with a mysql database in the back end. i know i could have done this app using spring security, since i am still learning spring mvc, i will implement security later.


my dispatcher-servlet.xml

i have used the deprecated SimpleFormController. please advise me if this can be made better.

my bean:

my interface


registration.jsp (mapped as registration.html)


my problem is that this program is running. it comes up to the login screen and when you put in the user id and password the screen stays the same. nothing is showing on the eclipse console. when i make a warfile and deploy it on tomcat, i get the following log file after inputting data.

what am i doing wrong? please help. any kind of help will be highly appreciated.

11 years ago
Hi all,
I am trying to find a good tutorial for Spring 3.0.5 MVC. i have had a look at and does anyone here know any good tutorials apart from these 2?

thank you


John Todd wrote:I never hear about it and I doubt it exist.
Maybe he was asking about "Security Frameworks"?

No I am pretty sure he was asking about login frameworks... i really don't know if he meant security frameworks, because he never corrected himself. Thanks John for answering this for me and clearing my doubts!

Hi all,
I was recently asked at an interview to name a few "login frameworks". I have never heard of such a thing before. Could anybody please enlighten me on some login frameworks? And how do they work? And why are they used when you can make your own login page?

thank you!

Shankha Sanyal

K West wrote:Reason is multiple elements with same name.

even this does not work :

Christopher Whu wrote:i created a form to gather client data... I am looking for a regex that i can use to test the data i am collecting against characters that hackers use... I only want alpha numeric and normal punctuation...

something like
var specials = new RegExp(/^[a-zA-Z_0-9]$/);

is this worth the effort.

is there a better regex i can use?

you can use form validation and use that to weed out sql injection and other hacker tactics
hi all
i am very new to javascript.

i have a table with textboxes that are all disabled. when i select a single row using either a check box or radio button, i want the entire row of text boxes to be enabled and ready to take input from the user.

here what i have been able to do so far:
this is without a table and uses a simple form :

my javascript:

this above code is working. on the other hand, when i try to impliment this same code into a table:

this does not work. where am i going wrong? please tell what i can do?
thanks in advance!
Hi all
i am trying to implement an accordion type interface with jquery found here . inside the accordion i have a jquery treeview picker thats sort of a combo box that opens up a tree structure found here.

my problem is that when i open the treeviewpicker, the options are shown at the bottom of the accordion. a picture of this is shown below


how can i fix this ? any ideas?

my code is given below:

Hi all,

i am very new to javascript. i have a combobox and a table with columns.
my combobox:

my table:

when i choose parent, i want only parent column to show. when i choose child, i want parent and child columns to show and when i choose grand child, i want all the colums to show. can anybody please tell me the procedure of how i will go about this?