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Recent posts by Vikrant Korde

For learning purpose, i prefer videos. It shows you things in action.
However when it comes to debugging something, book (huge PDF, documents) are the only option.

Vikrant Korde.
1 year ago
We were also facing the same problem.
The solution to this is to use correct version of the.tld file.

Compare the file
and the file present in struts.jar \META-INF\tlds\struts-html.tld

There must be some differences between these 2 files. Just copy the file from Jar to web-inf file and it will work.

9 years ago
We were also facing the same problem.
The solution to this is to use correct version of the.tld file.

Compare the file
and the file present in struts.jar \META-INF\tlds\struts-html.tld

There must be some differences between these 2 files.

The reason it was working for 2nd code, is because when you put then it takes the tld from the JAR file directly. and in previous case it takes from web-inf directory.
9 years ago
Check out this link

to be precise, do the following
To configure WebLogic Server stuck thread detection behavior:
1. Start the Administration Server if it is not already running.
2. Access the Administration Console for the domain.
3. Expand the Servers node in the left pane to display the servers configured in your domain.
4. Click the name of the server instance that you want to modify for improved stuck thread detection.
Note: You configure stuck thread detection parameters on a per-server basis, rather than on a per-execute queue basis.
5. Select the Configuration —> Tuning tab in the right pane.
6. Modify the following attributes as necessary to tune thread detection behavior for the server:
* Stuck Thread Max Time: Enter the number of seconds, that a thread must be continually working before this server diagnoses the thread as being stuck. By default, WebLogic Server considers a thread to be "stuck" after 600 seconds of continuous use.
* Stuck Thread Timer Interval: Enter the number of seconds, after which WebLogic Server periodically scans threads to see if they have been continually working for the length of time specified by Stuck Thread Max Time. By default, WebLogic Server sets this interval to 600 seconds.
7. Click Apply to save your changes.
8. Reboot the server to use the new settings.
9 years ago
Hi Jeanne,
I am not sure if we can use this without strtus2. One this is sure that it uses dojo for the rendering calendar. I am using Strut2 for my project development.
Nice link for examples.
Dojo is a framework which is having rich javascript functions which can provide the functionality by making the page rich in functionality without making server heavy.
however it also has good support for AJAX. the way you have explained for Div array,
you need to have dufferent forms in each div and all this information can be submitted individually.
in case you need to submit the information in a whole bunch, then have a single Form and keep on adding these Div elements to that form object. at the end submit whole Form to the server.
On server you need to handle this information properly.
I am using date time picker of DOJO framework supported by struts2.
In case the date format is incorrect or invalid characters, it prints "NaN" for all the characters.
However the requirement is that i still want to show the incorrect characters in the date time picker with the error message that the characters are invalid.
Is there any way to do this.
The difference between SOA and distributed objects is the distributed objects are optimized for a client/server scenario consisting of a single application.
what exactly the value of excludeParams attribute do we need to give?
Does this solvs the problem. I tried all the things except the exclude params.

In the original problem if i remove the attribute "name" then it atleast shows the "Nothing to display" message.
however if the "name " attribute is present the it gives an error on the console "......No class definition found: ... NestedNullException"
Couldn't find the reason for this.

Please help
10 years ago