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Anup Francis

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Recent posts by Anup Francis

What is your opinion on using AS3 signals?
Do you think its a better idea to go with signals for creating new apps?
I haven't come across the use of signals in any of the places I have worked.
Only came to know recently about it.
I read up on it and it seems to be good. But seriously, do you guys see it being a used a lot with respect to
event based communication?
10 years ago
From your personal experiences, which framework do you guys prefer to use most while creating Flex based applications?
RobotLegs, Mate, Swiz or Parsley.
I have worked with Mate previously and have found it be quite good.
I have also read through the documentation on RobotLegs and Parsley.
I like them both but I believe Parsley could be a more well rounded library with more features especially the Spicelib As3 library.
RobotLegs is a pretty small framework but easy to use and also has AS3 signals support.
I have never had a chance so far, to try out these 2 frameworks in a real world app.
So, would like to know what are your preferences regarding frameworks?
10 years ago

I also want to join the Ikasan Enterprise Integration Platform project.
Please let me know what I need to do to join.
11 years ago

Is java RTS part of the JDK or does it have to be downloaded separately as a jar?
11 years ago

Is it possible to create libraries of reusable components in javafx
like it is possible in JSF?

That would be really cool.
11 years ago
I very much doubt that.
It's not very funny seeing that message.
But I would surely like to know how it was done.
11 years ago
Hi ranchers,
Looks like somebody has hacked into the javaranch site.
I found a "java sucks" message on top of the pages in the website.
Whats going on here?
11 years ago
Hi authors,

Is this a book for beginners with absolutely no experience in Android ?
11 years ago
I believe as of now only Eclipse IDE supports Android development using a plugin ADT.
However, one can set up Android projects to work with other IDE's as well.
Expect other major IDE's like IntelliJ, Netbeans to start supporting Android development soon.
11 years ago
Oh Ok, So one can create touch events to simulate touching effect on screen.
I was wondering how one can test such apps on eclipse because there is no
real touchscreen interface available.
Thanks for the Info.
11 years ago
Yeah, I just had a glance at the Table of contents of the book.
He has written it in a funny way. Kinda, like the Head First Books
11 years ago
Sounds great.
Can't wait to get my hands dirty on Android.
11 years ago
That sounds really promising.
Hope the book also follows the same policy.
11 years ago
Thanks Neeraj for the link.

Sure looks good, as far as interest in the developer community for Android is concerned.
11 years ago
Can we build browser based apps specifically to run on the webkit based browser
that comes with Android? Is it compliant with all the other mobile browser specifications
like WAP etc...
11 years ago