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Recent posts by vaibhav mishra

I am learning grails and I know it uses Spring under the hood, I have your spring 2 in action book but by the time I got it here, the book was obsolete(I am in India) and also as a first java web framework I find it hard to follow, grails works like a charm as a matter of fact and everything is so learner friendly , I am huge fan of in action series but kind of think that you should make book more novice friendly , I was flat reading first few chapters and weird explanation of IOC principle, being a beginner at that time , the complexity was a dealbreaker and that book is still in my shelf dust settled in, don't get me wrong I am a huge fan of 'in action' series but as a hobbyist learner the previous version was not for me, hope you address in this issue.
14 years ago
but it is dormant for a long time , I last checked 2 months back and there was no update since January.
14 years ago
@Michael thanks for the link , although most of it is too much for me to understand but even then it gives a perspective

@David as you said it might be a matter of personal choice, thanks for sharing your experience.
14 years ago
Thanks for replying , and about that OO part you said, I experienced that too.
14 years ago
I know a little bit of Java and am starting to learn python, is there any advantage of ruby over python, I am not talking about high-class stuff like GC and stuff, just want to know for a beginner's perspective which one is easier to learn, I tried ruby before but it did not took off, to make it clear I am a undergraduate student. I also read in amazon that this book is good for starters.
14 years ago
I certainly don't mean freelancing as you refer, I must be clear that what I say there is working at your own will, for example developing applications as a separate project, releasing products in app store, I do not have that kind of expertise but at some point of my life I would have it, that's where I am heading my question to , for example Chris Oliver(creator of JavaFX ) created it because he was fed up of the projects he was asked to work on (mostly legacy applications as I understand) and he hated it so he find refuge in creating something he embraces, on the same line although he did what he work but that mean he have to do extra work at the same time working in his company. It is same everywhere I think, most of the people around me didn't choose their line of work but rather their line of work is what their FIRST company has decided, I am in India so it might be different outside but in recession this kind of stuff simply did not add-up, right now you are lucky if you have a job let alone you love it or not. and to make title more clear , it is not freelancing as reffered in general sense that I am writing about, I am a rookie so I do not have understanding of market words what I mean is considering the circumstances we have to hop-in the job on offer and as I say our first boss will drive what we might be working on for the good part of my life.
14 years ago
I am a student , and have seen my seniors and people around sucked into IT world , they work on technology they don't love, work at odd hours and seem to get on with it because of money flow, I hate this thing but I am seeing myself sucked into this in about an year , I had heard some stories about people working as freelancers(I don't know what is exact word) with something they love , and enjoy it, I am not sure I have talent to achieve that, job seem to be a more easy alternative, can you give a practical viewpoint (sorry everywhere I go I read those philosophical phrases like you should love what you do and blah blah blah,) I am not sure that make sense although it is good on ears but still it only stands for a perfect scenario, I dont see my education or conditions around close to that, you seem to like qualified to answer , or anyone in this forum who can , I am just asking as a student and hope to get facts straight.
14 years ago

The only reason to extend the interface or implement another interface is if you need to provide additional methods.

this is the reason I want to do it.


I dont see any problem to have a classe with moore than 500 lines of code.

I agree with you but I am quoting this from my own experience, which was a long time ago and code was really ugly(maybe I am more matured now), maybe now I can manage a whole lot , thanks for pointing javadoc convention


could you edit your first post and place the line you copied from the instructions.html between quote-tags (instead of code-tags), it will increase readibility of that line (and this thread).


Secondly you could create (if you want) a DBAccess class which accesses your database file and reads/writes records. Your Data class will have an instance of this class and the read (and other) method(s) of your Data class are just delegated to the DBAccess instance. As long as your Data class implements the given interface (directly or via an own created interface), it will be

I'was asking the same thing , thanks for answering, I'll do that.
I have instructions in my assignment that reads

Your data access class must be called "", must be in a package called "suncertify.db", and must implement the following interface:

but the class I extended is becoming too-much lengthy, 168 lines and I haven't even implemented single method given by the Sun's interface

since I know from my previous experience it'll soo become hard to manage if I have class much long(say 300 lines) what are the options I have, can I exetnd the class and provide added functionality, I don't understand what exctly they mean by data-access, is it the class which provides database connection or something else?

some of you suggested in this forum to extend the interface provided by sun , add additional methods required and then extend that interface to provide concrete class, is it going to violate the instructions given in my assignment?B&S 2.1.1
Thanks for the reply, I think JFXtras project lack proper documentation, more than often I have to refer to for example Java counterparts for documentation , btw the project is awesome and provide tremendous amount of functionality, inclusion of miglayout alone is great.
14 years ago
I mean , JFXtras is really great library and might be the only one available so it is really very important,
since fxutil and atomic tile become dormant , and it is only one in very active development(also updated for JavaFX 1.2).
14 years ago

thanks for the inputs I am pretty clear about some of these things, for instance I completed Andrew's book a day before yesterday and then the real work start, I haven't written a single line of code while reading the book because I was sure I am doing it to get an idea , I'll read book chapter-wise during project develoment,

For instance, do you know what your GUIs are going to look like?

I have sketched the GUI on a chart paper(I am a little paranoid about this stuff ) and a clear class representation of my GUI class which I prepared today,

What user functions are you going to support?

I haven't yet finalized user functions because I am not sure now what that meant in context of my application(B&S 2.1.1 ), and I am sure it will become clear , the more I delve into asssignment

Are you going to use RMI or Sockets?

This thing is the only one you asked of which I am crystal clear, I'll definitely use RMI, since it is more simple (and for me this argument meant a lot !lol!!)

Since you suggested my data class design will depend on this , I am starting to develop GUI first, thanks for your response.
@Robert I indeed used your class to read my db file, I'll definitely start with data file and since they provide a interface to extend that would be nice to start , thanks for your suggestion, I asked this because I purchased my assignment almost a month back and it explicitly say the ;ine I mentioned, and I read in your post that you didn't generate it , so that's why I asked , it may be different between assignment, mine is B&S 2.1.1, that's why I am confused, sice it is possible to do it automatically via rmic, I'll try to use it to be on safe side.

@Roel Thanks for your suggestion , I read your article this morning , great score man , I indeed have few of these suggestions bookmarked (including Robert's) and they are invaluable source of information for me.
I have read , all of the Monkhouse book , several of the post around here and done a lot of little research to made sure I start right, but the only problem now for me is where to start , I don't know what thing to put first, May be the database classes, I also have one more question Roberto mention in some of his post that generating stub manually is not required, but my assignment specifically mention that
You must provide all classes pre-installed so that no dynamic class downloading occurs.

does that imply I must program my code to generate stub or am I misinterpreting anything.